Monday, May 16, 2011

Hospital Rooms... and Free Quart of Glidden Paint!

So... I am sitting in the hospital room with my husband... he is resting peacefully:

It was a scary day today...but we all made it through. There was a LOT of waiting (which I am not a fan of).  Just glad this part is done and we can get on with recovery now.

Well, anyhow, while I was watching the in room television I see a TV commercial for Glidden Paint, they are giving away free quarts of pain through 5-17-11 at 11:59pm!  Go get your sample now! I just got mine! :)

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kittykerri said...

I am so glad your husband's surgery went well. I will continue to pray & send good thoughts your way.

Thanks for the tip on the paint. I just got some for myself & will try to repaint an old dresser. I ordered the Antique Purple.

What did you get & what are you planning on doing with yours?

Six in the Nest said...

I got a sage green....and I have no idea what I will do! LOL. I will have to ask my husband what we can paint with that amount... it might look neat to paint our bathroom door that color, since our bathroom colors are sage and black.

Shana said...

I'm glad everything went well for your family today. Following you from MBC. Would love it if you would visit and LIKE my page:

Unknown said...

Wow hope he feels better! What a great freebie though!

Jodi said...

Not sure if you realized you mentioned Glidden was giving away "pain" instead of "paint". Must have been on your mind today LOL! Glad to hear it all went well!

Six in the Nest said...

Hahahha... nope, I didn't realize that Jodi! I think I will leave it though, because I guess it WAS on my mind. Thanks for pointing it out though, it made me chuckle.

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