Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sip N' Go Review

We recently received the Sip N' Go water bottle to try out. It is an interesting concept, it is a foldable water bottle. The first thing it reminded me of is those juice pouches that you can buy (instead of juice in a box, it is in a  pouch). 
When folded and snapped, the Sip N' Go can easily fit in a pocket; I prefer to put mine in a cargo pocket or my jacket pocket as the cap/spout can be uncomfortable in other pockets. 

I was happy to see that nearly an entire bottle of water (16.9 oz) could fit into the Sip N' Go. I couldn't quite get it all inside the Sip N' Go, but  it was close enough and I just drank the last sip that was left.  The website does say that 17 oz fit into the bottle, but I couldn't squeeze it in.

Sip N' Go says it is the "greenest bottle on the planet", here is why...

"Unlike most plastic bottles, Sip N' Go is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. Made of extra strong FDA approved material. Sip N' Go is top rack dishwasher safe, so it's hygienic and easy to clean. It's flexible, lightweight and ships flat which makes the Sip N' Go the greenest water bottle on the planet." (Sip N' Go, 2011)

I personally loved the carrying ring that came with the Sip N' Go. It was one of my favorite features. This would be easy to clasp to a diaper bag, or purse... no extra hand needed. I also liked the space where a name could be added, this could be a great alternative for lunch boxes!

I did find that I had a difficult time washing the Sip N' Go. I do not have a dishwasher, so I wash everything by hand. While I used a bottlebrush, I still didn't feel confident that I cleaned my Sip N' Go as well as I would like.

Overall, Sip N' Go is a neat product that can be helpful when needing a drink on the go.

I received free samples of the Sip N' Go in order to complete this review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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