Sunday, December 29, 2013

Check out this DayDreamer! #Baby

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Okay, I'm not talking a person got me. Nope, I am talking about a new baby product that has recently hit the shelves! The DayDreamer is the newest solution for inclined sleeping for your young baby.  We've been having Orrin lounge around in the DayDreamer for nearly a month, and it's definitely a nice option for baby sitting!

My number one FAVORITE feature is the breathable shell. See all those holes? Well, they let air come through and really help keep baby comfortable. 

The cover is machine washable, which is super nice. I do wish that the white stripe near the head would have been a chocolate brown, though. Babies tend to sweat and white under their head tends to get discolored. A darker fabric here would be nice.

The fabric itself is super soft. There is foam padding that is underneath the cover (which can also be washed per instructions). The harness is durable and easy enough to adjust, but secure. It is also covered by fabric pieces, and has a fold over piece to protect the closure. The covers for the straps are not sewn to the seat or straps, so they can be washed, too...but this also makes them really easy to lose. My older little kids like to run off with them. It would be nice to see some sort of snap or other way to keep the covers on the straps. 

The  DayDreamer is a great seat for those babies who need to have an inclined sleeping area. I know a lot of people say to leave babies in their car seats to sleep, but that has been shown to be unsafe.  The DayDreamer has a 28° incline too keep baby comfortable as well as high sidewalls to help prevent your baby from falling out (again, always supervise)!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nuby Medical Kit

I received the product mentioned in this post for the purpose of the review.

One valuable thing that every parent should have is a medical kit. The Nuby Medical Kit includes:  Sure-Dose™ Medicine Dropper, Medi•Nurser™, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe, Medicine Spoon, Nail Clippers and Digital Thermometer.

 I find that these are all great items to have with me in our diaper bag as well as at home. The thermometer is one thing I find myself reaching for the most, but the nail clippers and the handy pacifier medicine dispenser is also very useful for those little babies!

You can find the Nuby Medical Kit on (free shipping with Prime, too!).

It's a great gift for any baby shower, or for your own diaper bag!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't leave the house for your coffee... #MC sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a thank me for my participation.

Do you have a favorite specialty coffee? If you do, you have to read on (if you don't.... read on to find out how you can find your favorite)!

I was given the chance to check out the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, and it has been LOVELY to have delicious specialty coffees made right in my own home!

Yes, Chococino....delicious yummy exquisite hot chocolate...!

Okay, what is the big deal about the Dolce Gusto?  What's different about it compared to other single cup brewers?

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is the only machine that truly delivers delicious, coffee house quality creations every time with patented smart capsule technology delivering up to 15 bars of professional pressure and espresso technology.

Professional pressure and espresso technology. Um, yeah...that can kinda make my day!

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto has been so much fun to have in the house. Imagine this: It's book club day, the gals are coming over to chat about the newest developments in the current literary adventure you are all experiencing and you can surprise them with a coffee-shop like experience with their favorite coffee! And, it's totally customizable for each cup.

The line brews over 17 different hot and cold beverages – with true crema and expertly layered specialty beverages with an indulgent fine milk froth – in under a minute.

It's seriously quick. Take a look and watch as I switch out the capsule while the Dolce Gusto does some amazing work:

The super easy scroll wheel allows you to really customize your flavor. This is nice, because you can make a strong bold flavor, or a more mild delicate flavor depending on your preference. Most of the coffees you make take two capsules, and it's a quick switch in between. The water (which you put in cold) heats up extraordinarily fast- the green light lets you know when it's ready and you just push the button( my favorite feature)!

Okay, since you all know I love the Chococino, I'll share my favorite way to have it.  I prefer two tan capsules and one white to make about 10 oz., then I top with marshmallows and dark chocolate syrup. If I'm feeling especially festive I add in a peppermint candy cane for a stir or two!

How about you gift yourself a little something? Right now you can get 20% off your order when you use the code GustoGift! then you can have delicious specialty coffees in your pajamas! Perfect for that chilly winter morning.

The Dolce Gusto also makes cold beverages, although I haven't tried them yet. I am a fan of iced coffees and teas, but being that it is full force Winter here in northern Michigan, I'll stick to the warm beverages for now! There are two downfalls to the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto for me. One, I couldn't find the capsules in stores near me. I am sure as the Dolce Gusto gets more popular it will be easier to fine, though. Two, the machine is rather loud- you can definitely tell it's working. This wasn't a deal-breaker, of course, but it meant no early morning coffees for me because of sleeping babies.

What do you think you'd like best about the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dr. Fisher? #Giveaway

I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review.

Have you heard of Dr. Fisher? No, well, to be honest neither had I until recently.

 Fischer Pharmaceuticals was founded by Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer in 1965. Company founder and present chairman Dr. Eli Fischer, working with a committed team of scientists, has been responsible over the years for originating many innovative pharmaceutical and state-of-the-art products based on his imaginative concepts. These products are now an accepted part of the commodities landscape throughout the world and as such enjoy universal appeal and demand. The Fisher's role in the world hasn't changed much, since the end of the last century (1891) until the present time, three generations of Dr. Fischer have been associated with medicine and research in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, photobiology and pharmacology. 

Today, Dr. Fischer and Fischer Pharmaceutical Group of manufacturing and marketing now comprises of 19 individual companies distributing a large variety of high technological pharmaceuticals worldwide with special emphasis on various categories of dermatological products, wet wipes and nutraceuticals. 

So, what do they sell, and why do you care?

 Since there are many different products, I am going to let you know my experiences with a few of them. 

Let's start with my favorite product. Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby.. My favorite feature is that they are individually wrapped towelettes. One thing I know from my medical background, is that you do not want to be "dipping in" to a cleansing solution to wash eyes. Your eyes are especially susceptible to infection, so you don't want to have an open product that can have bacteria breeding in it.
That's why I love the individual wipes. I also like the gentle hypoallergenic formula. I first tested these out myself before using on my baby, just to be sure. These towelettes are gentle and neither I nor my baby had any issues.
These are also nice because you do not have to worry about rinsing the eye after use.

There is also a version for adults, Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Adults. These are very similar. They come wrapped individually and are rinse-free. I like using these in the morning especially, they help me feel refreshed and my eyes get cleared of the excess gunk that can build up over night.

Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes are a great wipe for those babies who have a hard time with other brands, or if you are just looking for one that is better for baby's skin. The wipes are thick enough to get through the tough situations, but plenty gentle enough for use during each diapering.'s an interesting product for you.... soapless soap. Oximoron, right? Well, Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Moisturizing Soapless Soap is a nice cleanser. This is a formula that must be rinsed off well, and is suitable for the whole family. This formula is created to suit the skin's natural pH, and I love the way it smells. Babies smell like babies and it is oh-so-nice!

The last product that we got to try out was Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil.. This bath oil will help moisturize your baby's skin and keep that baby-soft skin lovingly healthy. This also has no soap!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The best gift ever... #MC sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Before I tell you all about the best gift ever, I want to introduce you to a great new website. This website is called CWIST, and it's a site that you and your children use. Through CWIST, you can assign your child(ren) tasks that help them learn and create while working toward a specific goal. 

As a parent, you choose your child's login and password. Then, you get to choose your child's CWIST. Their CWIST is their task to complete. You assign their CWIST and mark what reward they are able to earn by completing the CWIST (they can help you choose, too)! 

After you set up their account, the child can login and begin working on their CWIST. When you (as a parent) log back in to your account you are able to see the progress your child has made. Below is the screen shot of one of my son's CWIST's and his progress, which you can see he is at 40%.

 Each CWIST is different, and you can even create your own CWISTs. 

Now... here's the best gift ever. The best gift is.... the one you gave, of course! Being generous and helping others is always something that is amazing, especially during the holidays. This year, CWIST is offering to donate up to $2,500 in gifts in exchange for children completing CWISTs.  All you need to do is join CWIST, set up your profile and your child's, then click on the KIDS CWIST for KIDS tag (which you can see in the image above). Then you follow the instructions and choose a child, choose a gift, and choose the CWIST your child will be assigned. As long as your child completes the CWIST by January 6th, the child you selected will get their wish granted. 

The motivation that children have to complete the CWISTs is amazing! CWIST is free, so don't hesitate trying it out! 

Kindle Paperwhite #Giveaway!

The Best in Indie Book Gifts

Horns of the Devil by Marc Rainer

The second book in the Jeff Trask crime/legal thriller series, a series hailed for its realism by those in the law enforcement career field, Horns of the Devil is the story of the havoc wreaked upon the nation's capital city by a drug gang turf war. As one career prosecutor wrote, "As a long-time prosecutor, I continue to be astounded by Rainer's perfect pitch for police/prosecutor dialogue. Outstanding Read! Rainer is way ahead of his contemporaries in this genre."

Price: $2.99 (Kindle) $9.45 (Paperback) via Amazon

For: Thriller Fans

Palmetto Review Take:  Nonstop legal and procedural crime novel that’s rich with detail and suspense.

More: Fan Marc Rainer

Too Quiet In Brooklyn: A Fina Fitzgibbons Mystery by Susan Russo Anderson

Twenty-two-year-old Fina Fitzgibbons stumbles upon a throttled woman in the heart of Brooklyn Heights and discovers that the dead woman’s four-year-old grandson is also missing. She begins a wild hunt for the strangler-kidnapper, Ralph. During the chase, she resists falling in love with her boyfriend, Denny, an NYPD patrol officer, steps on the toes of Detective First Grade Jane Templeton, and uncovers secrets about her own past. In the end, Ralph has a deadly surprise for Fina.

Price: $.99 (Pre-order) $3.99 (After 12/20/2013) via Smashwords

For: New Adult

Palmetto Review Take: Crime, passion, and New York City - count us in!

More: Follow @susanrussoander Fan Susan Visit her via her Website and on Amazon

Tug of War by Ross Collier

An action packed, tension filled espionage thriller set in Melbourne, Australia during WW2, based on actual events between the US forces and the Australians.

Price: $2.99 (Kindle) $16.95 (Paperback) via Amazon, B&N, and iTunes

For: Fans of Thrillers and Espionage

Palmetto Review Take: A fresh plot line to enjoy as you follow the political intrigue down under in this historical look at the relations between two seemingly cozy nations as friction emerges.

More: Follow @CollierRoss Visit Collier’s Website

Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus

For fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz -- Enjoy a creepy supernatural thriller with over 100 Five Star Amazon Reviews.

Price: $2.99 (Kindle) $12.78 (Paperback) via Amazon and Audible (12/20/2013)

For: Adult Supernatural Thriller and Horror Fans

Palmetto Review Take: One of the most highly rated books we’ve reviewed, read at your own risk of being frightened half to death.

More: Follow @jtmonsterhunter Fan Jack Templar Visit The Author’s Website

The Jack Templar Monster Hunter Series - Books 1-3 by Jeff Gunhus

A new series for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

Price: $.99 (Kindle) $9.79 (Paperback) via Amazon, B&N, and Audible (12/20/2013)

For: Middle Grade and YA

Palmetto Review Take: Ignite your imagination with this trio of supernatural books focused on monsters, mystery, and mythical adventure.

More: Follow @jtmonsterhunter Fan Jack Templar Visit The Author’s Website

Vengeance Out of the Shadows by David Peretz

In the third thriller to feature Ross Cortese, NYPD, the detective contends with both a killer targeting landlords and a Russian assassin out for retribution. Kirkus Review described it as "a seamless blending of stories and first-rate characterizations."

Price: $4.99 (Kindle) $11.25 (Paperback) via Amazon and B&N

For: Suspense, Romance, and Thriller Fans

Palmetto Review Take: Indie Must-Read Book of Summer Winner as voted on by everyday readers.  

More: Visit NYPD Crime Novels and Fan on Facebook

Lunch with Lucille by Annarose Ingarra-Milch

Readers can expect to be inspired and entertained as “Lunch with Lucille” whips up a delightful dish of hope and optimism, served by a fun-loving, sassy, female character who shares a message all women need to hear – you are your best asset, at any age. Voted overwhelming the Buzzworthy Book of Summer, “LwL” overflows with nourishing wisdom and humor as you are treated to simple, practical solutions to some prickly issues such as aging, confidence, self image, and achievement. This fast-paced novella is thought provoking and leaves you hungry for the next course.

Price: $4.99 (Kindle) $13.13 (Paperback) via Amazon and B&N

For: Women

Palmetto Review Take: A perfect gift for any woman in need of Inspiration.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome and Other Devotionals by Christopher Hall

A collection of Christian devotionals based on one man’s life experiences. “This book makes you think! It is funny, uplifting and a down to earth view of Christianity. We all have those bad days at work that make you wonder if it is it all worth it. Chris Hall takes a bad day and redirects it to a lesson in Christ... I highly recommend this book to all my friends.” Karen Brooks-Rochelle

Price: $5.99 (Kindle) $11.57 (Paperback) via Amazon

For: Anyone interested in uplifting stories related to Christian Living

Palmetto Review Take: Deepen your walk in faith, or take your first step to finding it with this inspirational book rooted in the real world, and written for you to discover the next.

More: Fan the author on Facebook

At The Gates of Walhalla By Justen Forge

Suspense, intrigue, and action. A page turner that makes you feel like you're in the scenes. This novel sets itself apart with its vivid writing and top notch storytelling. Perfectly priced so you can give this to all the readers on your Christmas shopping list.

Price: $2.99 (Kindle) via Amazon, Sony, iTunes, B&N, and $21.99 (Paperback)  McNally Robinson

For: Thriller & Mystery Fans

Palmetto Review Take: After a horrific series of events a hero emerges to set wrongs right in spellbinding detail.

More: Visit the Author’s Website

Liberty's Torch (Dystopia Trilogy Book 3) by Janet McNulty

Expect excitement action, and to learn the meaning of true sacrifice. All it takes is one spark to ignite Liberty's Torch.

Price: $2.99 (Kindle) via Amazon

For: YA, Teens, Dystopian Genre Fans, Those Who Like Strong Female Characters

Palmetto Review Take: Like Hunger Games and Divergent, this dystopian drama is both entertaining and plausible.

More:Fan on Facebook, follow @JMRUL, visit the author’s Website

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