Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rockin Glasses and a Rockin Price!

I received these glasses in exchange for this review.

I was recently approached by someone from Firmoo asking if I would try out their glasses for them and tell you all about my experience. Since most of the people in my family wear glasses, I couldn't pass up the chance to try a new pair!

We got a pair of glasses for our son, Gavin.

They look great on him, and I'm pretty impressed with the quality.

For $33 they are seriously impressive.

To order, all you need is the glasses prescription and the pupil distance. Just plug in the numbers and you're good to go!

The order took about 2 weeks to receive. Not too bad considering that's about the same turn around time for my local eye doctor's office.

I absolutely loved the extras that came with the glasses. We received a very nice glasses case, a little glasses tool (screwdriver), a pouch and a cleaning cloth! All of these are great to have if you wear glasses.

The glasses themselves seem very high quality. The memory plastic flexes and is perfect for Gavin (who is not so kind to glasses- he goes through a couple pair a year). I do wish there were spring hinges in these, but with the frames being so flexible they may not be necessary. I think these will at least last him through the school year, though.

Check out Firmoo next time you need glasses, you could save yourself some significant money by trying their inexpensive but high quality glasses.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A new twist on the mason jar....

Since I live in Michigan, I love to promote products made in Michigan and I was recently approached by Matt, the owner of LioProducts, to check out a cool product... something that I would have never guessed could have been made.

So, Mason Jars are quite popular. You can find a bazillion different ways to use them on Pinterest.... but would you have guessed they can be made into speakers?

Yep, you read that right. Mason. Jar. Speakers.

Wait, wait... I'll show you...

Image from Etsy

Yes, those are speakers! They really work... and really rock! 

So, anyhow, I said of course I'd review! This looks like a fab product and again.... made in Michigan!

I received the speaker super quick and I was impressed with the packing. I was pretty confused by the large box (I stood there wondering what on earth I had ordered...only to remember I hadn't.) but when I opened it I totally had the aha moment. Yes, that's the mail carrier in me... I get impressed by proper packing. 

This speaker is heavy. Well, the speaker isn't overly heavy, but that is one heck of a power hook up!

 The plug-in is majorly heavy duty and the Mason Jar is a real glass quart size mason jar so it's a substantial piece as well. I really enjoy the decorative look, especially with mason jars being so popular right now.

The speaker itself works well. I have no complaints on the speaker. There isn't an independent volume control, it's all device driven, but when connected to my phone it packs plenty of punch, easily filling a room. (My co-workers were impressed).  

The top is covered with mesh, and the ring is secured (I'm assuming glued).

The power cord and jack connect to the side of the jar, and you are good to go, ready to rock, done to dance!

Definitely take a moment to check out this great decorative- but still USEFUL- speaker from Matt over at Etsy!
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