Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Halloween night!

Six in the Nest has been included in the Little Chefs e-book!

A while back I asked some of you on Facebook and Twitter to share some stories about your family traditions, well... we've been published! 

The Little Chefs e-book is now available! All you have to do is click the link and check it out! If you're interested to see what Six (Seven) in the Nest contributed, check out chapter 6.

I'm also super excited to share with you our cook along which will be posted soon! AND, you'll all get to chat with the wonderful bloggers who were involved with the Family Traditions chapter on November 15 at 2pm!


See all that awesome Chef Boyardee stuff? That could be yours!  Enter below!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enjoy the tastes of the season with Green Mountain!

I LOVE fall flavors! And I am particularly fond of when they mix together I am thrilled!

Green Mountain's Pumpkin Spice  has a wonderful blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and yummy pumpkin flavor. It's not overwhelming, just... very nice. It's perfect on that chilly fall day!

The Pumpkin Spice flavor is available in K-Cups or regular bagged coffee beans to suit whatever maker you use.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Cinch, I'm Sorry.

You've been so good to me...but I keep cheating on you. It's true. My lack of willpower has gotten the best of me....... again. 

It's not THAT bad, but I've gained about two pounds in the last two weeks. I've had to add in oatmeal to my mornings (to help with milk supply for Luke) which has added some calories...but the truth is it's the snacking at work. I've never felt the need to snack while delivering the mail- but recently I feel like I have to. I really need to nip this in the bud and stop. I have been doing better the last two days, I haven't taken any snacks with me, just my Cinch Bar. I'm hoping to see some more positive results soon.

Exercise is now impossible. I am working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day....when I get home it's cooking, cleaning, bathing, helping with  homework and then I eventually sleep. Of course, I do burn some calories at work, I lift many heavy objects as well as walk up driveways to deliver packages- but really it's not THAT much. 

The end of the program is getting closer... I have November and December to make a SERIOUS change in my body. It can be done, but it will take effort. I need to reach down deep and find the strength in me to really make the most of these final two months. I want an amazing after picture...and right now I don't see enough of a change in my body to even consider an "after picture". 

What are things that you find motivating?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nuby Digital Thermometers

If you have kids, you HAVE to have a thermometer. While fever is the immune system at work, you want to monitor your child's fever because the temperature of the fever can indicate different types of illnesses- and your doctor will ask you about fever when you bring in your sick child.

Fever is most dangerous if you have a newborn. Babies under three months old should not have a fever over 100.4 (rectally), and it should be considered an emergency if a baby under 1 month old has a fever (source: WebMD).

A digital thermometer  is the best thermometer to use... older mercury thermometers post a serious risk to people and pets. I like that Nuby's Flex-Tip Digital Thermometer can be used orally, rectally, or axillary. I find that the flex-tip is most useful when taking an axillary temperature, since non-flex tips tend to poke and bother children. The flex tip allows some movement from the child while maintaining contact and getting the temperature reading.

The Nuby thermometer alerts you with several successive beeps if you or your little one have a fever. It takes about a minute to a minute and a half for a reading....much better than the time you'd have to wait for a mercury thermometer! The digital display is large enough to read easily as well.

The ONE thing I really don't like about this thermometer is the fact that it is in Celsius. I am not very familiar with Celsius and much prefer Fahrenheit readings. I was hoping this could be changed, but there is no information on how to do it (if it is even possible) in the instructions.

Beside that, the thermometer has worked great for us! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tweet #FeedbackChallenge and @KelloggCompany donates $5 up to $10k to @Foodbanking

In recognition of World Food Day (October 16), Kellogg Company will make a one-time donation of $5 to The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) for each tweet from October 15 – November 2, 2012, that recognizes the company’s Feedback Challenge to raise a total of $10,000. GFN is the only not-for-profit organization committed to creating, supplying and strengthening food banks throughout the world. Tweets will support GFN’s mission of getting food to hungry people.

Twitter Details: 
Tweets must include #FeedbackChallenge to be counted toward the donation 
Tweets must occur between October 15 – November 2, 2012 
Kellogg’s Feedback Challenge runs online through December 31, 2012 at and

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you send cards during the Holidays?

It may seem early to think about this, but it really isn't! The holiday season is coming upon us quickly, and if you want to send some greetings to those you love it's good to start thinking now.... especially if you like to have those gorgeous family photos incorporated in your cards!

I used to be very, very diligent about sending cards out during the holidays...but after a few kids I really felt that the time and expense weren't as high on my priority list. This year I plan on sending cards out to at least my close family members, and hopefully sending out more Holiday Cards to a few friends as well.

I've always thought of Shutterfly just as a place to get items with photos on them, but really they have many options. I'd recommend you check out their special offers page to see some of the great deals they have as well!

I will receive a gift card for this post. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keep those piggies cozy with Jefferies Socks!

With the cooler weather settling in, I've noticed that my kids really are telling me their toes are getting chilled too. Now, we can't have that! 

I have to be honest, I usually just by the cheapest socks available- if I see a good deal those are the socks the kids are going to wear. I couldn't believe how excited the kids where when we got a box of Jefferies Socks.  Yep, you read that right...the kids were excited about SOCKS. And they should be, because these socks have been so much fun!

In this post we're going to talk about some great girl's socks and tights. We received several pairs of socks and tights for Annabelle to try out. I have to say... our favorite items have been the footless tights. They are AWESOME.

I love the quality of all the products we've received. The socks have held up to multiple washings and wearings, and that's one thing that I find important. When I've purchased socks I've had some brands start to unravel within just a couple of washings...which means good money wasted. I'm glad to see that isn't the case with the socks we've tried from Jefferies Socks.

One of the most fun things about Jefferies Socks is the amazing variety that is offered.

There really is soooo many different types of socks and tights available, you can find something to match ANY outfit or occasion!

In fact, Jefferies Socks has some awesome holiday socks that you'll just have to check out!

These socks add fun flare to the holidays and coordinate wonderfully with holiday themed attire!

But don't worry- if you aren't interested in the flashy and fun designs, Jefferies Socks has plenty of traditional socks as well (and more muted colors)! They really do have something for everyone.

I received an assortment of items from Jefferies Socks to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation for this post.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fisher Price Peppa Pig toys come to Toys R Us!

Peppa Pig is an adorable short cartoon that my kids love...and now they can love her even more with the super fun toy line!

We recently received several toys for review, and I have to say I was very surprised with them!

The first toys is this adorable Hug 'N Oink Peppa. This 12" Peppa Pig LOVES hugs....and she lets you know every time you hug her! 

We also received the Peek 'n Surprise Playhouse, which was a HUGE hit with our daughter.

The play pieces had flip parts to show different stages of play. One example is one of the bunk beds had a messy side, the other side was tidy, another is a sink of dirty dishes and then flip it to reveal a cleaned up sink. This allows a lot of fun play...but we did have a hard time flipping the pieces without them coming out. Thankfully they are easy for an adult to put back in, but they can also be easily lost. 

The Playhouse folds up nicely (with all the pieces inside) for easy storage! This is a HUGE pro for me since it will help keep all the pieces together! 

The Fisher-Price Peppa Pig toys are available at Toys R Us!

We received product samples to conduct our review. All opinions are my own, no monetary compensation was received.

Back on track! #Cinchspiration

So, it's been about two weeks since I have last posted about my progress with Cinch. Last time, I was having a difficult time keeping with the program. I had fallen off the wagon

Well, I am happy to say that I am back on track (mostly) and I'm down to 212.2 lbs... still more than my lowest weight with Cinch, but I'm getting back down there. 

One HUGE thing that I need to do more of is exercise. I don't get any exercise in right now. NONE. That is KILLING my results. I know I need to do more, but I really don't see when I can fit them in. When I *do* have a spare moment, I need to blog, do laundry, wash dishes, clean house, and a bazillion other things... or at least in my mind those are priorities that come first.

This has definitely been my biggest challenge.

Firmoo who?

If you wear glasses, you should know that there are many places online to order glasses from. Many of these places offer great pricing.... but Firmoo goes another step beyond great pricing. New customers get their first pair of glasses FREE. Yep! You only pay shipping and handling. Unsatisfied with the glasses you get? If they can't make it right, they will even refund your shipping! (see site for more details).

I've been wearing glasses for over 10 years now...every day... and my glasses have interfered with my desire to wear sunglasses. I often feel like I have very little choice in sunglasses....ugly wrap around ones or clip on style ones. Well, Firmoo even offers prescription sunglasses- so I decided to try them out!

Honestly, I am not thrilled with the color...but the prescription was perfect- I could see just as clearly as with my other glasses- and the tint was nice. They aren't overly dark tinted glasses, and the tint really makes a difference. I know these will be great when I drive this winter, and hopefully I won't have any more issues being blinded by the snow!

The glasses came in a great case along with a nice cleaning cloth. The glasses were well packed and had bubble wrap even in the glasses case. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the way this color looked on me, I actually do plan on trying another pair of glasses from Firmoo soon! This time I may try to use the virtual try-on tool Firmoo offers. 

Head on over to Firmoo to get your FREE pair of glasses.

I received a pair of RX sunglasses free of charge for review purposes. All opinion are entirely my own.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kellogg's Cereal- Start Simple, Start Right!

You know what they say... breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I do agree, and it's one of my favorites. While I'd love to whip up a nice breakfast with eggs, sausage, fruit, etc. ever's really not practical for me to do. I need simple and easy most mornings. Cereal is a great way to get the kids fed and get them what they need out of a meal, quick and easy!

When buying cereal for my kids I want to find a cereal that 1.) they will eat, and 2.) is good for them. Those things don't always coincide unfortunately. However, Kellogg's makes some great options out there that the kids and I can compromise on!

Kellogg's has a great philosophy from seed to spoon- "By giving you our best, you can be at your best." 

Seven ingredients or less, plus vitamins and minerals. SEVEN ingredients or less. I LOVE looking at the ingredient list and being able to read (and understand) the list. You can watch some interesting videos about where Kellogg's gets the simple grains that they use (just click) wheat, rice, corn. I feel a lot better about giving my kids Kellogg's cereals vs. some of the other brands out there simply because I know there aren't any crazy added junk to them.

We've really enjoyed trying out the different Kellogg's cereals that we were sent. My favorites are the Raisin Bran and All-Bran varieties, but the kids loved childhood classics Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies!

I even decided to try making marshmallow treats with the Gluten Free Rice Krispies... use gluten free marshmallows and you have a great tasting, kid friendly, yummy treat! Although, I did learn that if you melt the marshmallows for too long you end up with hard treats...nothing my kids' teeth couldn't get through, though! LOL. 

So, if you're looking for a great start to your family's day (or a delicious treat for the end of it!), check out the cereal aisle in your local grocery store to see if you can find the orange banners on the top of Kellogg's Simple Grain Cereals!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kellogg’s. I received sample products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gear up for Winter!

Since we live in Michigan, we know winter will be on it's way all too soon. In fact, just today it was SNOWING in a town only 40 minutes from me!

Now, we like the winter long as we are dressed appropriately! The Children's Place has some great winter gear to help make sure the kids won't be uncomfortable outside this winter.

Liam's wearing this year's 3-in-1 Jacket from The Children's Place and the microfleece hat that coordinates with the jacket!

We got Liam the size 7/8 and it fits really well. The sleeves have a little room to grow into them (which is good, because I am sure he'll be growing a bit over the next 6 months)! 

The 3-in-1 Jacket is a great buy, with a ton of value packed in. The jacket can be worn as the shell only, the liner only, or combined. The liner is perfect for those chilly fall days, the shell is great for windy and wet spring days (it's water resistant), and when you put the two together you get wonderful protection from the winter's cold. These 3-in-1 Jackets are available for both boys and girls in sizes 6-9mo up to 14.

The microfleece hat is specially treated to prevent pilling and matches the jacket's perfectly. It covers the ears, but isn't too long and the microfleece is an incredible insulator for those little heads!

 Our family has always shopped at The Children's Place often, their clothing has been great for our children and it is one of the first places we stop when we need something for them. I'd also highly recommend scrolling to the bottom right of the page and signing up for the email exclusives... you'll get emails about great deals as well as occasional discount codes! I've always managed to find great deals on great clothes at The Children's Place with the help of the discount codes and sales they offer.

I received a gift card to purchase the items I reviewed in this post. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfect cups for little hands!

Once the transition has been made from the bottle to the sippy cup, you then get to transition your child to a regular cup. I usually just purchased plastic tumblers for my kids, but I have found they are rather large for my little ones' hands. 

Nuby's Fun Drinking Cups are the perfect size for little one's hands! 

These cups are brightly colored and have fun designs on them. They are also VERY easy to clean! I love that I can easily fit my hand in them to clean them. 

I've also been impressed with how well these cups have held up. I haven't had any crack, and none of the color has faded. 

These cups come in a two pack and are recommended for children 18 months and older.

I received these cups for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Early Bird Special from Night Owl Paper Goods!

  • Over 100 modern yet folksy designs!
  • All designs available in both real wood and paper
  • 9 back options, including: 2013 Calendar, Photo, Text, Blank & Patterns
  • Quick and easy personalization

Use coupon code CHEER2012 until October 31, 2012 to get 15% off personalized holiday cards...and FREE shipping on those orders! These are high quality cards that will amaze you and everyone who receives them. I particularly like the option with a calendar on the back since it can be useful to the recipient for the entire year! 

I received a G.C. in exchange for this post, all opinions are entirely my own!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do you have FabKids?

Do you have a daughter? If you do, do you have her choose her own clothes? Does she have a style that she loves? Our little Annabelle loves to choose her clothing! 

FabKids offers fun outfits that any girl will like, and they come totally ready for the playground. These aren't just dress up clothes, they can be WORN. I know I have personally purchased many outfits for Annabelle that I just won't let her wear unless we are going out... they are either not comfortable, or they are too nice and too expensive. Well, FabKids offers nice clothing, but for reasonable price!

You can read all about the FabKids story and people who are involved with FabKids by clicking here.

We had the pleasure of trying out FabKids, we got an adorable dress for little miss Annabelle.

It comes in a bright pink box...

Inside that box, placed neatly in sleek wrapping paper... your daughter's new outfit!

The outfits are definitely cute, the headband that we received with this doesn't really work for Annabelle- but it will be great for the future!

The outfit washed well, we didn't notice any shrinking at all (which is great... I hate when clothes fit great when new, but the first wash changes them completely).

Your first outfit is only $25 with FREE Shipping!


Right now, for a limited time, you can get your first outfit (a $39.95 value!) FREE. Just Try FabKids! All you will pay is the $7.95 shipping fee. Not bad for a 3 piece outfit!

I received an outfit at no cost for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


A little Autumn humor for us. Poor deciduous tree, those evergreen's can be such bullies.
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