Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nuby Bedlite Buddies

What's cute and cuddly, and makes one smile? Well, other than your baby, of course. It's Nuby's Bedlite Buddies! 

We received two of these to review, and they are absolutely adorable, and most definitely huggable! 

These Bedlite Buddies play a little tune and glow when your child (or you) hug them... giving them a soothing way to fall back to sleep, or seek some comfort. 

Luke is entranced by his Bedlite Buddy, and it is one of the first things I grab when he's having a rough night. I know he will smile and giggle...and hug... his little friend. Annabelle (who is 2) loves her Bedlite Buddy as well!

Nuby Bedlite Buddies come in three adorable options, a bee, a turtle, and a frog and are available at Kmart stores, and online at with a current price of $13.99.

I received items for the purpose of my review. No monetary compensation has been received. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Check out The Jungle Book with the family!

"There's trouble in the jungle, and as usual, Mowgli and Mani are at the center of it all! While they enjoy their time drumming away at logs in the jungle, Shere Khan plots to put an end to the noise. Meanwhile, Tabaqui is stuck in a well, Appu gets lost, and there's something fishy going on at the Cold Lair... Will Mowgli escape the clutches of the evil Shere Khan, and manage to still have time to join his friends in the jungle rhythm  This action packed feature length film promises to bring you the best of The Jungle Book."

That's the synopsis of the new The Jungle Book movie available now at Walmart stores in the U.S. (don't worry... it will be available in Canada May 5th)! The Jungle Book is available as a limited edition, and includes collectible toys as well as downloadable activities. This is exclusively available at Walmart stores for $14.86, so be sure to check it out on your next trip!

We had the chance to cuddle down on the couch and enjoy a little family movie time last weekend. The kids all loved this movie, and it was fun to watch them enjoy it. I hope your family is able to enjoy it as well!

I was provided with the movie and movie night provisions free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm a Dove Mom Ambassador! #DoveTruth

I've been selected to be one of several moms to try out Dove's body wash! Over the next few weeks I will be using Dove body wash, which has been improved by combining Dove's mildest cleansers with NutriumMoisture. This new formula contains 100% natural moisturizers that skin can absorb, keeping your skin smooth and nourished. Dove’s new formula is one of the mildest on the market.

 I have been using Dove body wash off and on for about the past year. My first impression of the new formula doesn't leave me too astonished...but I already expected amazing things. I still love the scents, and it still seems to do exactly what I expect it to. I look forward to seeing if it can really help fight off this horrible dry skin that I seem to be inflicted with each winter!  

I live in northern Michigan. It gets cold, and very, very dry during the winter months. This is evidenced by the white flaky skin on my legs and arms. I usually have to apply lotion several times a day to keep my skin moist and comfortable...but for now, I have given that up. I want to see just what Dove's body wash can do to improve my skin!

The lather created by Dove's body wash is pretty amazing as well. With some body washes you barely get any lather...sometimes that isn't a big deal, but it always seems to be more luxurious when there is a lot of lather. Dove's lather has another special purpose: the Glycinate ingredient, typically found in high-end body washes, not only reduces damage to proteins during cleansing, but also creates a soap-comparable lather that rinses cleanly.

I personally love Dove's message to all women, and that is one of the main reasons why I started using Dove. You can check out Dove on Facebook, here

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dove and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gorgeous Gifts

I received a gift card in order to experience the NOVICA website and experience. All opinions are my own.

As Valentine's Day approaches the search is on for great gifts. Whether you are searching for a gift for your loved one, or are looking to drop a hint to your loved on, NOVICA would be a great place to look around. NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, offers wonderful pieces of gift-able art from a very diverse collections of artisans. 

I love birds, it's definitely not a secret... especially as owls are my main theme. Since I like owls, I was hoping to find something that was owl-themed, and I was interested in a piece of jewelry. I was particularly interested in NOVICA's collection of mate gourd jewelry.

I finally decided that this was the piece for me:

Now that I have it in hand, I have to say I love it even more than I did when I was it online. The only disappointment is how long it took to get to me- nearly a month! I am not sure if this is the timeline for all the products on NOVICA, but it did take a while for this specific piece. The packaging was amazing, definitely something I would have been thrilled to receive as a surprise gift. 

While you're browsing around NOVICA check out the great artisans available. There is such an amazing variety, and there are plenty of unique gifts to select from.
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