Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Get dressed up, be something new!

Halloween is so much fun! My kids love to get dressed up and pretend to be something new, and I loved to do the same when I was a kid.

I really like trying to find coordinating costumes form my kids since we have so many.  Oriental Trading had some great group costumes!

This year, we picked out the rock, paper, scissors costume set... it's a great simple set that makes any outfit a costume.

The kids really liked these and, of course, had to act out the game of rock, paper, scissors at least once.

I like that these costumes are super easy to put on/get off. These are great for the kids to take to school for their Halloween parties! I don't have to worry about them completely destroying them before trick-or-treating.

We also got a more scary costume for our almost teenager. He wanted to stick with his horror movie theme for Halloween.

 Last year he went as the guy from Chainsaw Massacre... this year he wanted to be Jason from Friday the 13th. I think he pulls it off very well!

 All of these costumes, and many, many more are available from Oriental Trading, as well as other Halloween goodies that you may need!
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