Thursday, June 30, 2011

B. Creative- You Hue

My kids love to draw and color at our coffee table....the problem is, with so many kids there isn't much room for everyone to get comfortable! The You Hue has helped with our space issues and has allowed Gavin to have his very own coloring table whenever he wants! 

B.'s You Hue is a good sized over-the-lap desk/table. It isn't too big (or heavy), and yet it is large enough to even fit over my lap! The You Hue comes with 10 non-toxic washable markers, too!  

Gavin, who is 7 years old, really likes having his space to color and he really enjoys the You Hue. We do wish there was enough holes to fit all the markers in the top, but the side compartments hold the extra markers easily enough.

The markers don't have traditional color names on them. Instead, they have names like B. Sunny (yellow) and B. Firery (red). We have found that the blue marker (B. Deep) is difficult to wash off. I still have a nice blue mark on my hand from earlier today... but the other colors seem to wash off like expected.

We did find an "off label" use for the You Hue. It is perfect for a breakfast in bed... or a sick kiddo in bed! The You Hue's age range is 2 to 10 years old, but I don't see any reason why kids older than 10 couldn't use it. Nolyn enjoys using this as a step stool as well ( he uses everything to climb), and it has held up wonderfully! The desk surface, which lifts up to provide extra storage underneath, has gotten pulled off- but it went back on easily. I would definitely say this has stood up to the durability test that our kids can dish out!

The You Hue can be purchased at Target or some select specialty stores, for about $23.

Want to win some toys? Go enter the B. Extravaganza Giveaway!

Get a $3 coupon off a B. toy that costs $19.99 or more here (valid through 7-16-11 on toys $19.99 and up)!

I received this item at no cost to me to facilitate my review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own. My experiences may differ from your own.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B. Smart- Elemenosqueeze

B. Smart! I hope my babies are smart! Well... one of the first things kids learn is the alphabet!

Elemenosqueeze is a great set of architectural alphabet blocks! These blocks are soft, and perfect for teething babies (BPA Free! No worries)! They are totally squeezable, and they can float in water-yay for bathtime fun!

These blocks also come in this great carrying case....and it is made of recycled plastic! I wouldn't have guessed it- it looks like fabric! Great job B.!

Obviously the front is clear plastic...but the top and back are a cool looking fabric-like material!

Each block has an animal that corresponds with the letter on the block... such as A is for Alligator. My boys had fun trying to figure out the animals on the blocks based on what letter the block had on it. It was a fun experience, and something that they all did together. I love toys that can bring all the kids together like that, especially since they don't always get along. 

Annabelle, of course,  loves her blocks!  

She loves to chew on them... LOVES it. Her brothers like to build towers with them, and she likes to laugh at them while they do. Elemenosqueeze's age range is 6 months to 3 years, but the older boys have definitely enjoyed these too.

I really love Elemenosqueeze, and it is one of the B. Toys I chose to be in the B. Toys Extravaganza Prize Pack!

Elemenosqueeze can be purchase at Target and select specialty stores for about $15.99.

Want to win some toys? Go enter the B. Extravaganza Giveaway!

Get a $3 coupon off a B. toy that costs $19.99 or more here (valid through 7-16-11 on toys $19.99 and up)!

I received this item at no cost to me to facilitate my review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own. My experiences may differ from your own.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B. Curious- Sugar Chute

B. Curious. Yep, that's right.... B. wants kids to be curious! I have found curiosity leads to learning- and learning is exactly what I want my children to do! There are 11 toys currently in the B. Curious category. One of those toys is the Sugar Chute!

The Sugar Chute looks like an old style gumball machine, and essentially performs in the same way- but without coins. 

The Sugar Chute comes with 12 balls, some of them with smaller balls inside of them and others have fun designs. 

I chose this product for my 2 year old, Nolyn. The age range, according to the site, is ages 1-3.  I can tell you that even my 4 year old enjoyed this toy... he especially enjoyed helping out his little brother and teaching him how to use it. 

The boys really liked this toy... I couldn't get a decent shot of them smiling or looking at me since they were both so interested in the toy!

The Sugar Chute is a sturdy toy. The plastic is strong, and it has undergone a lot of testing from our crew! Nolyn uses everything as a step stool currently, and the Sugar Chute has not been excluded from this. Nolyn has used it to climb onto things, and also as a seat...but the Sugar Chute has held up perfectly!

We did have an issue with the balls falling through. What I mean by that is instead of turning the key to get a ball, Nolyn could just drop the ball in the top and have it fall through to the end. We were able to solve this by changing the key position when the ball was placed into the Sugar Chute, but Nolyn could not do this himself. He didn't seem to mind that the balls came right out, however, he enjoyed the challenge of getting the balls all in.

If I could make changes to this product I would make the action-consequence sequence more perfect and add a lid to the Sugar Chute. While a lid is not needed during play, it would be very helpful for storage. We have lost at least 4 of the original balls and I believe it is because it gets knocked over and they get misplaced.

Overall, I would recommend this toy... Nolyn enjoys the Sugar Chute!

The Sugar Chute can be purchased at Target stores and specialty stores. I found the Sugar Chute at Target for $14.99.

Want to win some toys? Go enter the B. Extravaganza Giveaway!

Get a $3 coupon off a B. toy that costs $19.99 or more here!

I received this item at no cost to me to facilitate my review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own. My experiences may differ from your own.

B. Toys Extravaganza Week!

Got kids? Yeah, me too... and kids love toys. I love toys too, but I really love toys that help my children grow. You know those really neat toys that inspire kids to, well, be kids! I love toys that make my children use their imagination and individual talents! On that note, I would like to introduce you to B. toys. 

B. creates toys that inspire individuality. If you take a look at the website, and B. toys you will see that the toys aren't really a traditional color scheme. The colors don't always match- but they are FUN. 

B. says this...

"At the end of the day, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company.
We want to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.
Just B. Just you. B. you"

 As if that weren't amazing enough, B. also  is kind to our planet

What do they do to be kind? They minimize packaging, use recycled materials, package toys in reusable bags, design boxes that can be reused, use soy-based inks and water-based varnishes. That's not all. B. also makes sure all clear plastic is recyclable and marked #1 (the most widely recycled plastic available) to help make it easier for us to actually recycle it!

Another really cool feature is the self wrapping gift. Oh yes, how neat! Some of B. toys can wrap themselves (well, almost). The package can be flipped to cover its toy! Also, each toy comes with an adorable little gift tag to make gift giving even easier!


Over the next six days we will be exploring B. toys. Each day we will focus on a new category of toy!

The B. toy categories are...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funny

Monte Carlo

This post brought to you by Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard? The new movie, Monte Carlo , is coming to theaters Friday!

What a fun movie to see with your daughter- a great chance for a girl's night out and some fun bonding...
Never heard of this new movie starring Selena Gomez? Well watch the trailer!

Grace (Selena Gomez) is an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress when a summer trip to Paris turns into the fantasy of a lifetime. On a dream vacation, Grace, along with her best friend and step-sister, discover that the greatest adventure is finding out who they really are.

Monte Carlo has the makings of a great movie, with a fairy tale- like story line and of course, a little fun romance, paired with some comedy... who could ask for more?

You can Like the movie on Facebook for even more insider information!

Get your tickets early at Fandango starting 6/29/11 and be sure not to miss out!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear 16 year old me...

If you Like my Facebook page, you have may have seen this a couple times....but I think it is important that EVERYONE sees it. Yep, I said everyone.

Why do I think everyone should see it... ?

Well, besides the obvious fact that NO ONE wants cancer- I am hoping that parents will take the fact that "just one serious sunburn before 18 can double your chances of skin cancer". ONE. One serious sunburn is all it takes to increase your chance of getting skin cancer. I am at serious risk. Besides having super fair skin (I am ghostly white- even when "tan"), I have had more than one serious sunburn. 

One time, when I was about 13 I was at a fundraiser car wash for Girl Scouts. No sunscreen that I can remember, but I may have had some on and just didn't re-apply it like I should have. Well, by the end of the day I could tell I was burnt- I looked like a lobster...then, about four hours later, I had blisters, HUGE blisters.  My skin was no longer red, it was purple, and I couldn't wear a shirt.  Over the next two weeks my dead skin came off, and I even have scars from it.... I have an increased risk of skin cancer. That is scary.

Tanning beds are dangerous...don't put your self at risk unnecessarily! There are so many self tanners that you can use to get that "glow". 

Sunscreen is so important... please use it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Parent's Choice Infant Formula

This post brought to you by PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Formula can be expensive. Really expensive. I know my daughter goes through about 12 cans a month. Parent's Choice Infant Formula has the same nutrition your baby needs and you can pay less!

Another expensive thing... college. Parent's Choice is offering a great chance to save on your formula and college! How would you like to win a $10,000 scholarship for your little one? The sweepstakes, created in partnership with PBM Products, LLC, a Perrigo Company, will provide one lucky winner with a $10,000 college scholarship in the form of a College Savings 529 Plan. Parent’s Choice Infant Formula Savings Sweepstakes is running through August 1, 2011!  To enter, just sign up to get more information on how to save money on your baby's formula! Parent's Choice Infant Formula comes in many different formulations so you can choose the one that matches your baby's needs. Some options are NeoCare, Advantage, Gentle, Sensitivity, Soy, Added Rice, and Organic options!

We haven't used Parent's Choice Infant Formula, but we have used a lot of other Parent's Choice products. I like saving money, and the Parent's Choice products help me do that without compromising the kinds of items I purchase. Parent's Choice products can be purchased in store, or online at

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How to get a post's permalink....

So, I understand that not everyone knows how to do this, and it is an important thing to know when entering blog giveaways! So, here I will show you step by step how to get your permalink URL.

1. Make the post (on Facebook, Twitter, or a comment on a blog)

2. Find the time stamp (it will say 2 hours ago, or something similar) under the post.

3. Right click on the time stamp and select, copy link address (or copy url, or whatever option it gives to copy the location of the post).

4. Paste the URL into your entry comment on the blog!

Need pictures?




You may use this tutorial if you give me credit and leave a link to this post! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Baby Blossom Designs

Andrea, from Baby Blossom Designs, has given me a medium PUL diaper cover to review.

Here is the diaper cover I received:

This diaper cover is made with PUL, with fold over elastic at the waist and legs. The cover is fastened with Touchtape closure, for a truly adjustable fit- which is important with the varying sizes of prefolds and fitteds.

I really like that there are laundry tabs, they are a very important feature to me when I am dealing with Touchtape/Aplix/Velcro. I also like that the Touchtape is far enough away from the elastic that it doesn't grab at it and ruin the elastic on the tabs, which I have another brand's cover that this has happened with.

I do feel that this cover is a bit small. I can't use it with my one size fitteds because they are too fluffy and the rise on this cover is too short. I may have needed the medium-long size. I do like to use this cover with my prefolds, and I have even used it more like an AI2 (just put a trifolded prefold in and switched it out). It was slightly tricky to figure out how to put the cover on so that there wasn't a gap in the legs or waist- again, I think this could be my skinny thighed girl's problem. However, if you are worried about the cover fitting well, Andrea can absolutely do a custom cover just for you- to your baby's measurements. This will ensure a better fit all around!

 The diaper cover has held up decently. The tabs are curling a little bit, though. The PUL is going strong and I expect it will for quite some time- and it hasn't stained yet! 

Brand: Baby Blossom Designs
Price:  PUL Cover- about $10 depending on size
Type: Cover
Fluff Factor: N/A
Containment: Good
Ease of use: B+
Drying Time: N/A

Now... PUL covers aren't the only thing Andrea sells at Baby Blossom Designs! No, no... she also has diapers, applique'd shirts, wetbags, snackbags and more! Check out Baby Blossom Design's facebook page for some lovely pictures of her items.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Me On Monday

Hi there! This is my third Me on Monday post... I have taken a while off because SO much has been happening in life. Really, I just feel like I have been on a roller coaster ride... lots of hills to climb, some scary falls, and it all happened so fast!

So.... since there weren't any questions from the last Me on Monday, I am just gonna write. Yep... let's take this as a stream of thought kind of post... because I am just gonna let it out. Be prepared for some random rambling.

The last four weeks have been insanely trying. My husband had surgery...but the surgery hasn't seemed to help much... in fact, he seems WORSE than before the surgery (in more pain). By now, the pain should  be easing up, but it isn't. So, lots of tests and such had to be done. We find out sometime this week if another surgery is needed. We were actually supposed to find out last week, but the doctor wanted to try something again to see if it worked.

Well, since my husband has been recovering, I have been off work.... with no pay. Ouch. Yep.... OUCH. Money creates so much stress! I HATE money. I wish we could survive on love, because we have plenty of that! 

I used to be the person who worked all the time. In fact, up until I had my first child I worked two jobs, even in high school. I once went 7 months without a single day off. YES, you read that right... SEVEN months. Now, granted, I had a day off from one job or the other, but for seven months straight I did not have a single day where I didn't work. Let's fast forward. Now my views on working and money are much different. I would rather be dirt poor than lose this precious time with my family. Life can be snatched away at any second... and I want to take it all in. Now, granted, money is necessary so I do have to work. I have been blessed to be employed at my current job for almost 7 years, and I make a decent hourly wage. This allows me to work less than if I had a lower wage. I am thankful for this. Hopefully with my education I will be able to get an even better wage eventually!

Oh, education.... lovely lead in to this next post. During the last 4 weeks I have also been in a college course. How is it going....?   NOT WELL!  In fact, I have until midnight tonight to complete any assignments (because my instructor has graciously allowed me to do so based on my situation) to try to pass. Yep, to attempt to even pass. So, what happens if I don't succeed. I will fail. I will fail at college. Because of my illness when I was pregnant with Annabelle, I was out of college for 6 months... this also messed up my financial aid somehow and I am on some sort of financial aid probation and I must pass all of my classes in order to continue to get FA. Soooo... if I fail, I really fail.  There is no take backs or do-overs if I don't manage to pull through. Can we say S-T-R-E-S-S??? 

And, we can't forget the 6 kids. Now, my in-laws have been amazing... they watched our kids a lot, especially the first week after Raymond's surgery, but they are still our kids and when they are home, it is hectic! I really, really, have an amazing husband. I have always known how much he helps, but when he can't it makes it so much more prominent in my mind how lucky I am to have a man that is such a great husband and father. 

*sigh*. Well, I told you there would be some rambling... I think I have achieved that goal. I have to stop this post here and try to finish my coursework....

Wanna know something about me? Ask away! I will post the answers in the next Me on Monday post!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MomofSixChicks Review and Giveaway!

Oh what an exciting review I have for you today! I want to introduce you to another amazing mom of SIX! :)  When I came across Shelley's shop's name on Etsy I knew I had to see what she made! I am so happy I did!

Just look at some of the pretties you can get from her Etsy shop:


Awesome, right? I love handstamped jewelry... LOVE it. I love that it can be customized just for the customer. I personally prefer to wear jewelry with a lot of meaning, and this is exactly what MomofSixChicks can create!

I was sent the My Family necklace.... 

"This necklace is created to carry the whole family close to your heart! Five sterling silver handstamped charms are included in this price: 5/8 circle, approximately 5/8 inch blossom, 1/2 inch square, 3/4 inch tag and heart is just over 5/8 inch. These charms are available with brushed, shiny or hammered finish, slightly cupped or left flat, and hung on an 18 inch sterling silver box chain with a freshwater pearl"

I adore this necklace... let me show you just how perfect it is:

I was able to include all six of my children on the necklace, have a special charm for my husband and I, and another charm with the year we were married! 

I have received a TON of compliments on this necklace!  Every time I wear it someone comments on it, asks me where I got it and/or how to get one themselves. 

The cupped charms give the necklace extra dimension, and the brushed sterling silver gives the necklace an even more classy feel to it. Of course, if you would rather have flat and shiny charms, Shelley can do that too!

Take a look around Shelley's Etsy shop and you will find some great gift ideas! There are so many items that I would love to get for other people! Here is a neat copper cuff that I think my husband would like:

Overall, MomofSixChicks (Shelley) has been great with communication and she made a gorgeous necklace that I will treasure forever.... and if we ever end up with 7 in the nest all I have to do is add another charm on! 

In order to complete the review I received free product from the company. I received no monetary compensation for this post and my opinions are entirely my own. You may or may not have the same experience as I did with this product. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Smartbottoms Review and Giveaway! CLOSED

Like cloth diapers? New to cloth diapers and don't want to purchase without seeing a product? Like those home parties other companies have?  Well, Smart Bottoms combines all that into an awesome brand. 

Smart Bottoms is a cloth diaper company that is a little different than most. One reason is Smart Bottoms' home parties. Like other home party brands, Smart Bottoms wants you to see the product, and really get to know it as well. In order to ensure that you learn the most about Smart Bottoms, the Smart Bottoms party is hosted by a Smart Bottoms Distributor

We were sent two diapers to try out. The Smart One, and the Smart Cover with Smart Fold Insert.


First Thoughts.... these are kinda wide.

Let's first talk about the Smart Cover and Smart Fold.

This fits my two year old pretty well (we got the large size). The Smart Fold is very absorbent, which is great- but with that absorbency comes some bulk. I found that I could only tri-fold this and lay it in the cover, but that worked pretty well. One change that I would like to see is for the snaps to be covered. My son hates snaps touching his skin, so I had to be very careful about these. I do love that there are hip snaps, though, it makes this diaper pretty secure.

Brand: Smart Bottoms 
Price:  Smart Cover: $18 Smart Fold: $7
Type: Cover and Prefold
Fluff Factor: Fluffy
Containment: Good
Ease of use: B
Drying Time: Good

The Smart One diaper is Smart Bottoms' all-in-one diaper. 

All-in-one diapers are by far the easiest to use. No stuffing, no folding, just put 'em on and go.  The inside of the Smart One is so soft! I personally love the feeling, but Annabelle is very sensitive to wetness, so we have to use a fleece liner with this diaper (and any other diaper without a stay-dry material). 

This diaper is pretty wide in between the legs, but Annabelle didn't seem to mind. This diaper also has the uncovered snaps... I really prefer for them to be covered, and this diaper does leave snap marks on Annabelle (I don't think the snaps bother her, however). 

Here are a couple action shots of Annabelle in the diaper...

She was being very wiggly here, lol.  

Bum shot!

So cute!

There is definitely some fluff factor here. We don't use jeans with this diaper because they don't fit... but we love the leg warmers anyhow, so we don't mind too much. As with all AIO's the drying time is a bit longer, which we did note with the Smart One, but the convenience makes up for the drying time (in my opinion).

Brand: Smart Bottoms
Price:  $20
Type: All-in-one
Fluff Factor: Fluffy
Containment: Good
Ease of use: A
Drying Time: Fair

I haven't tried out Smart Bottom's parties yet, but I hope to in July! If/when I have a party I will be sure to share the experience with all of you!  Do you want to have a party? Check out the awesome perks of being a hostess!

In order to complete the review I received free product from the company. I received no monetary compensation for this post and my opinions are entirely my own. You may or may not have the same experience as I did with this product. 


Open to the US and Canada (and any Military Base)!

Smart Bottoms is offering one Six in the Nest reader a Smart One in their choice of size and color!

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Mandatory Entry
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Post one comment per entry, all entries MUST include your email!

1 entry- Check out Smart Bottoms and post one fact you learned. 

Optional Entries

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Giveaway will close 6/25/2011 at 11:59pm. One winner will be chosen  via and given 48 hours to reply to the email I send, if no reply the winner will forfeit the prize. *Please check spam folders!*

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PetCakes Review!

Well, PetCakes has done it again! If you have been around the blog for a while, you will remember my first review of the 1st series of ADORABLE PetCakes! The 2nd series is just as adorable! 

Let me introduce you to:

Top Left: Nutty Nicky, Top Right: Roco Coco
Bottom Right: Bamboo Berry, Bottom Right: Honey Cakes

I LOVED these last time, and the second series is no different! 

Unfortunately my Nutty Nicky didn't come with a cherry on top... but that was the ONLY thing that was disappointing about the second series of PetCakes! My boys really liked that these were more "boy friendly"!

And, one of my favorite features is the embroidery on the bum! 

Priced at $14.99 each they are a fun and sweet treat for the little ones in your life!

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