Friday, June 3, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Snaps or Aplix?

Such a hard choice in the beginning.... what to choose? Snaps... or Aplix (AKA hook and loop, or Velcro).

I personally choose snaps. I like snap closures because they seem to last longer.
snap closure

 Aplix gets stuff stuck in it, making it less "sticky" and when the Aplix doesn't grip properly then you can have a diaper oops! I also like that snaps are much more difficult for little ones to break out of. I have always dreaded the phase when my children learned to take off their diapers....that means a LOT of laundry for me!
Aplix closure
All in all, it is a personally choice. Aplix is easier to put on in a flash, and you get a truly customizable fit (you aren't restricted to only where snaps are). 

If you cloth diaper, which do you prefer and why... if you don't which one do you think you would choose?

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Jessi Gonzalez said...

I choose snaps! I have a few BumGenius with aplix and I am so tired of taking out all the lint and strings that get caught in it! Plus, the ends are starting to curl and don't stay put very well. But I definitely see where you are coming from with the aplix being easier to put on. I have to rebutton my snap diapers every wash because my little girl wears the middle adjustment!LOL. Thanks for letting me get that out! :o)

Lois said...

I am a snaps fan! I got one duo wrap in aplix for my husband and now wish I hadn't. My son is in the learning to crawl phase and he is dragging his belly everywhere across our floors. We have a black and white cat. Need I say more?? So gross. The aplix wasn't sticking and it was a gray shade when I picked him up. The floors aren't that dirty, but aplix seems to find EVERYTHING.

Sabrina B Radke said...

Snaps!! So much so that I bought snap pliers! LOL!

Allison said...

we just switched to cloth about 3 weeks ago, and when our lo was in sposies, she had already figured out how to undo them (not necessarily take them off, she's about 10 months old). so, when i ordered our cloth, i went with snaps! and i love them!

Belle said...

I love my snaps too! Have a couple gdipes with aplix and they are the bane of my existence at the moment.

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