Saturday, June 30, 2012

TeetheMe Boxes

I've seen a lot of those monthly boxes recently. Some come with candles, some with random samples, some with crafts... well what about one with baby and young children's products? If that is something you're in need of, TeetheMe has you covered.

With your monthly subscription you can get a box delivered to your door each month with products for your newborn to 3 year old.

I received the May 2012 box recently. 


The first thing I noticed is the scent. It had a VERY strong scent- kind of like laundry. This was the Classic Linen Sachet from Green Leaf. The smell was so strong that it made everything else (including the teether) smell like it. TeetheMe realized that it was strong after the shipment, and offered customers a resolution and made note to not put them in again. Yay for good customer service (and I didn't even have to say anything about it)!

I actually DO like the scented sachet- it was just really strong for the small box. We put it in our car and it's been wonderful. 

We received two Green Sprouts items. One was a Corn Starch Teether, the other was an insulated bottle bag. I was excited about the teether- but I am a little disappointed it is mostly pink since I have a newborn boy. The insulated bottle bag may come in handy at some point.. but it wasn't something I would have normally purchased. Both items seem like good quality items, however.

The most disappointing part of the box is the Dr. Robin products. They are 2.5ml samples... I'm not sure if you can understand how little that is just from the number- but it really wasn't even enough to really try out the product. We received a sample of sunscreen and body wash- the sunscreen was barely enough to apply to a child's face and the body wash was enough to do one bath with our newborn. 

Also in the box was a 1oz jar of Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I have to say this is probably my favorite product in the box. It is useful, and it smells soooooo good. According to their site a 1oz jar is $9.95- so getting it in this box that is priced at $24 is pretty good. This product and the two Green Sprout products made up the value of the box to me. 

The last product was a votive candle from Bridgewater Candle Company. Proceeds from the sales go to feed orphaned children- so it's a really good cause. I liked this product being in the box because it introduced me to the company and the cause- and it smelled great.

TeetheMe is a new product out there, so they probably will make a lot of changes over time, especially when deciding what should go into the box. TeetheMe offers a community where people who've purchased the boxes can review the items that are in the boxes. Hopefully this participation will help improve the boxes.

Overall the only product I would have purchased myself is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm, but it was nice to be introduced to other products I didn't know were out there. I'd probably take a chance on another box just to see what the next one holds... there's something about the surprise that makes it fun.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Settling in

Well, it's been a week since Luke and I came home and we are finally starting to settle in. It's amazing how much another baby can change your routines- especially when the beginning was so filled with chaos. 

Luke will be 3 weeks old on Monday. Hard to believe. He wasn't due until tomorrow. In a way I feel jipped. The last few weeks of my pregnancy feel almost stolen from me. I should have had another couple weeks to enjoy the miserable heat and feet in my ribs. Really though, it is kind of hard. I didn't feel this way with Annabelle's birth at 37 weeks... but perhaps that's because my water broke on it's own- a doctor didn't tell me I needed to have my baby. 

But, it is as it is I suppose. Nothing can change the events that have happened, and I am blessed that it all turned out alright and I have my baby at home now. 

 I actually went back to work this week on a minimal basis. Yep, that's right- just two weeks and two days after a c-section and I was back to one of my jobs. Of course, I can't lift more than 15 pounds, so it limits the extent of work I can do. The cost of driving to and from the NICU and my hospital and then the week I stayed in another town really added up...and ate up all of our savings as well. Unfortunately, bills still need to be paid. 

Luke has been a really good baby so far. He isn't overly fussy (yet). The other kids' reaction has been great. They all love their little brother- even Annabelle! Annabelle is like a little mother to him, she just can't get enough. It's so sweet to see her rubbing his head and "shhhh"ing him.

We were really nervous that Annabelle or Nolyn (or both) would start in with sibling rivalry since the sibling rivalry between the two of them is so evident. Those two still fight like cats and dogs, but they both have no problems with Luke!

So, there's our update for this week! We've just been getting into the new routine of things... and while we're a little sleep deprived like all new parents, we're doing alright. You can look forward to some great reviews coming up soon!

Feel free to share a story about how you settled in after a new baby in the comments below!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Team Huggies?

For the last three months I have been using Huggies diapers and wipes in our home. I have to say- we've been very happy with Huggies! My husband asked just yesterday if we can continue to use Huggies diapers- something I didn't think I would ever hear from him as the last time we had used Huggies we didn't have as good of an experience. But, yes, Huggies have won over even my husband.  Since my husband is the stay at home Dad, his opinion counts more than even mine when it comes to diapering...and I have to say- he's changed more diapers than I'd care to count!

Of course, we don't plan on changing the wipes we use- since we've been loyal Huggies wipes users for quite a few years now. One and Done wipes are hands down the BEST wipes on the market in my opinion.   From crayons on our windows to sticky fingers in our backseat, Huggies wipes can clean up the mess.

If there was one thing that I wish was different it would be that the Snug & Dry diapers came in newborn size. The smallest size I can find anywhere is size 1 (for 8-14lbs) which is too large for our little Luke. Of course, Huggies has a line of diapers that has a newborn size... the Little Snugglers diapers are available in newborn and preemie sizes at my local store, but I definitely prefer the value of Snug & Dry.

After our experience with Huggies I am pleased to tell all of my readers that we have had a very positive experience with Huggies products. It is my personal opinion that Huggies wipes and diapers are some of the most reliable disposable products you can use. We haven't had any leaks with the diapers, and the wipes hold up so well you don't ever have to worry about your fingers tearing them or what your wiping coming through. If you haven't used Huggies in a while, and are looking for a reliable disposable product head to your local store and grab some- I doubt you'll be disappointed.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nurses are Amazing

 I know they are. I have been in the health care field for nearly 8 years now and I have personally worked among some absolutely amazing nurses. Not only have I worked with many, many nurses, I have dealt with a lot of nurses through personal experiences as well.

My last two pregnancies were tough. I guess tough could be an understatement. I've had a chronic kidney infection, kidney stones, and migraines, and most recently viral meningitis that have all left me in the hospital numerous times. 

While I was pregnant with Annabelle, I spent a lot of time in the hospital.... hospital stays are not fun in any event, but when you are pregnant and away from your family they seem worse. Toward the end of my longer stay I got depressed. I would cry a lot. One special midnight nurse was able to lift my spirits, and for her I cannot be more grateful. This nurse took time to fully listen to me, to understand what I was going through and what I needed. She always had a smile on her face and did whatever she could to help me. When other nurses had basically told me to suck it up she told me she understood and offered her help. THAT is an awesome nurse, one who goes beyond clinical duty to ensure that the patient truly is cared for.

Truly compassionate nurses can change a traumatic experience into a more manageable experience.

As many of my readers know, I have recently had quite the experience with long hospital stays. My son, Luke, was in the NICU for nearly two weeks and all along I relied on a team of nurses to care for and keep my son alive. Without these nurses, who knows where my son would be today.

Today, as the world population continues to grow and people continue to live longer and need more care, the healthcare field is experiencing a severe shortage of nurses; there is currently a nationwide vacancy of over 100,000 positions, and that number is expected to grow to 800,000 by the year 2020.

The upside to this shortage is that the career outlook is excellent for the nursing field. And nursing is a highly regarded profession: a 2011 Gallup Poll announced that the public voted nurses number one for “honesty and ethical standards of various professions” for the eighth consecutive year. Nurses offer patients comfort, care and skill that is desperately needed in patient care. The time is now to encourage and celebrate this important role in our healthcare system.

Johnson & Johnson's is asking you to nominate an amazing nurse who has inspired you with his/her comfort, care and skillThe winning Amazing Nurse and his/her guest will attend the 2012 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute show in Los Angeles, courtesy of CNN. He or she will also be honored in a video profile which will be screened before the live audience at the show, and featured on the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Facebook page. (*Eligible Nominees for the Amazing Nurses contest must be a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who currently administers direct patient care.)  Be sure to nominate before June 29th, as the contest ends then.

So, have you ever had a nurse who changed your life? I'd love to hear about your experience and I am sure they'd love to be nominated!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We're Home!

Yep, you read that right! Luke was able to be discharged from the NICU on Friday afternoon! It was a very busy, but very happy day! We've since been working on getting into our new routine of having seven children at home!

So, let me finish Luke's NICU story. 

You last heard from me on Tuesday... Luke had ripped out his NG tube and had to have it replaced. Well, on Wednesday morning he ripped out the NG tube again (and they had made sure it was taped well, and very close to his nose to try to prevent that). They decided to see how he'd do without it since he obviously didn't like it in. 

Here he is after eating 6 feedings all by himself (no tube and nothing stuck to his face for the FIRST time!)

On Thursday we had our first (and last) care conference. We were told that as long as Luke eats all his feedings he'd be discharged on Friday. The doctor also told me something I didn't know when he did his summary of Luke's condition. He said that BOTH of Luke's lungs had collapsed, not just the left lung as I had thought. I am going to confirm this tomorrow with Luke's pediatrician...but I was very shocked because we were not told that he had gotten that bad. 

The rest of Thursday was nerve racking...he HAD to eat. Then, at his 6 o'clock feeding he didn't eat well. It was so disappointing. I thought for SURE this meant we'd be there for another two days minimum.... I came back at 9pm and was told he didn't finish his feeding for the nurse either- but he didn't have an NG tube in! The nurse said they would see how he did the rest of the night. The 9pm feeding went a little better, but he still didn't take it all....and the midnight feeding he did well taking all 60cc's. 

So, on Friday morning I walked to the NICU nervous to hear how Luke had done. The nurse said he had taken the rest of his feedings and she had requested the doctor's orders for discharge! We just had to wait for the doctor to officially sign off and my husband to get to the hospital and we would be free to go! 

I spent the remainder of the day in the NICU with Luke, afraid that if I left him before my husband got there he'd not eat or something would go wrong.

I think he knew he was going home, he seemed so peaceful!
When my husband finally got there I had just finished signing all the paperwork, and acknowledging that I believed the baby I was taking home was my own.  I had quite the store of breastmilk in the NICU freezer and the nurse asked if we had brought a cooler- we had not. So, she suggested we go purchase one. So, we left Luke one last time in the care of the NICU team and went to get a cooler and check me out of the hospitality house that I had been staying in. 

When we got back we got Luke dressed and snuggled him into his carseat for the trip home.

The car seat looks soo huge! 
We were escorted out and on our way!

It's been a great weekend, we've been enjoying being home and having the entire family together. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Online Shopping- Yay or Nay?

I am a huge fan of online shopping... really, I LOVE it. My husband however is annoyed by it (especially during the holiday season when I tend to do a lot of surprise online shopping). So, here's my argument for it.

One of my favorite things about online shopping is the ability to compare prices. With pretty much all the stores out there available right at your fingertips, you can definitely do some quick searching around for the best price. Another thing I love...once I find that best price I can get even more bang out of my buck and save with free Coupon Codes. With the use of the internet you can find discount codes and coupons for nearly any store you are shopping at. 

I do a lot of shopping on I love that pretty much anything I want is there...and with Prime membership I can get free 2 day shipping (LOVE it)! And then don't forget the coupon codes to make things even sweeter (see Coupons for Amazon). In fact, I purchased a grill for my husband for Father's Day...and it only cost me a little over $100! I got a great deal, and free two day shipping. I didn't have to spend money on gas...I didn't have to take the time to drive to a store where they sold grills....all I had to do was turn on my computer and do a search. 

My husband likes to actually SEE things before he buys them. I get this...I do like to, too. I've been mislead by online retailers in the past, and it does deter me from purchasing online at times. My husband likes to walk into a store like Sears and check out and compare things that are right in front of him... yay, that's good and all- but he could save more money if he could use Promo Codes for Sears like you can online! 

I enjoy the hunt for the best bargain, my husband enjoys the hunt for the product... different shopping styles for different people, and I suppose that's okay (but I will always get the better deal)!

What's your shopping style like? Do you prefer online shopping, or actual brick and mortar shopping?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enter to WIN a Bunkbed Set! #Giveaway

Oh yes, that's right! We're giving away a set of bunk beds by Walker Edison, hosted by Children Teaching Mama and sponsored by BunkBedsAtoZ!

These bunk beds are valued at $549 and will be a great addition to your child's bedroom. All you have to do to have a chance to win is enter by using the Rafflecopter entry form below! This giveaway ends July don't delay!

Make sure to let them know whose blog referred you...the blogger who refers the most entries will win a prize, too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Luke and the NICU...

So, if you read Luke's birth story, you know he was whisked away to the NICU in another town a day after he was born. *hardest thing ever*.

So, what happened?

Well, he was having a lot of trouble breathing (he was taking over a hundred breaths per minute) and his oxygen saturation was constantly dropping. He was on oxygen at the hospital he was born at, but his sat's would drop whenever he was moved. He had an x-ray the night he was born, and another the next morning. The one in the morning showed that air was leaking from his left lung. This is when it was decided he needed to go to the NICU. 

Off he went in his limo...

By the time he got to the hospital, his left lung had collapsed. :(  This meant he needed to be on a ventilator. So, they had to intubate him and help him breathe. The doctors also needed to put a chest tube in to drain fluid from his lung and an IV in his umbilical cord. They sedated him so he didn't move or feel much, and they gave him some surfactant for his lungs. I am very glad I wasn't there for that part, because it would have been so hard to see.

Luckily, Luke only needed the ventilator for a couple days. He was able to get it removed at 4:30pm on Thursday.... just before I got there. He still needed a special type of oxygen tube that helped him get the oxygen he needed because his respirations were still weak.

He also still needed his chest tube in for drainage to help his lung heal, and an IV (in his head in this photo) so he could get his antibiotics for his collapsed lung and the antivirals to combat the meningitis I had. 

On Friday he went to regular oxygen, which was a huge step so quick! He also got his chest tube out, and then later that day his umbilical IV was removed. This was a big day because it meant I got to FINALLY hold my baby! I cried many tears when the nurse finally put Luke in my arms. I had needed that since he was born, and I really felt wronged that I had yet to hold him. 

Later that night we did some kangaroo care-

On Saturday we trialed no oxygen. He had a few scary dips, but overall he did well. He hasn't ended up needing extra oxygen since then! His IV in his head went bad, though... so it had to be removed and replaced. But, it was a good time to get his first bath in! I couldn't get pictures of his first bath since both the nurse and I had to be right there...but here's a picture of him all snug and cozy in his isolette afterward.

Later on Saturday he was taken out of the isolette and put in an open crib to see if he could maintain his temperature. He did great!

On Sunday Daddy brought some of the boys over to meet Luke. It was nice that my husband was able to come on Father's day.

The boys were very excited to meet him, but didn't understand why we couldn't take him home and why I couldn't come with them. It was hard to see them go again. :(  

On Monday night Luke was able to get his last IV out!  I was also able to capture a smile.

Today Luke has been trying to eat better. He pulled out his NG tube, so it needed to be replaced (and boy did that make him MAD). His respirations are getting less (they have to be under 60 per minute, and they are most of the time now) really the only thing we are waiting on is full feeding by mouth for a minimum of 48 hours. Hopefully our stay in the NICU won't be much longer, and I am so happy that he has made the progress he has so far. 

*All photos above are my own. Do not copy, use, or distribute them.*

Look for another update soon!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Luke's Birth Story

Wow, this has been such a long, long week. So, let's start at the very beginning!

Last Saturday I was especially tired after work. I tried to stay up and read, but by midnight my head was hurting and I was exhausted. Sleep came quick. My wonderful husband let me sleep in on Sunday, but when I woke up I had the most horrible headache. Every time I moved it got so bad it brought me to tears. I was nauseous and tired. So, I slept the day away.... I woke up around 12:30 and got up to eat. I could barely stand it and ended up right back in bed by 2. Then I slept again until 4. My husband kept saying we needed to go to the hospital... but I was reluctant. 

I have had migraines before, and needed pain management at the hospital, but this headache felt different. It wasn't a migraine. I kept looking online trying to see what it could be and the only thing that fit was meningitis. I assumed that couldn't be possible because I didn't have a fever and  I didn't really feel "sick". Still, I figured that I probably should go get checked out since a severe headache can be so many things.

Well, I got to the hospital around 4:30. The triage nurse took my vitals and my BP was sky high. This made me wonder if I as having issues with my blood pressure. It made the ER staff wonder the same thing. I get into a room and they draw some blood and get a urine sample to see what was going on. Then I get an IV eventually...and finally some morphine. Even after 4mg of morphine the headache was still bad. After about 5 hours in ER they told me I was being admitted and would be watched in OB. 

While I was in OB and on morphine my blood pressure was completely normal. They finally got my labs back and my liver enzymes were elevated, and apparently my reflexes (which they had been testing every 15 minutes or so) were "brisk". The doctor came in to see me. It was about 1am when the doctor came in and he explained that he thought I was having some pregnancy induced hypertension... but when he noticed that all my BP's recently were normal he said that it could just be a migraine. I explained that this was not like any migraine I've ever had before. He told me he would be in in the morning to check on me and we would go from there.

Well, morning came and the doctor ran some more blood tests. My liver enzymes were up and my reflexes still brisk. The doctor said he was pretty sure that there was something going on because of those two symptoms, but he couldn't explain my normal blood pressures. He again said that it could be a migraine... and I told him again it was different. He asked how, and I proceeded to explain that every time I moved my head it hurt so bad it was almost unbearable. He told me to put my chin to my chest, and I could barely do it. It hurt so much! He then said that I may have meningitis. 

The doctor said that he was still concerned about preeclampsia and that the only way to cure it was to deliver the baby. I was on a lot of morphine and he said that by delivering the baby we could A) "cure" the preeclamsia, B) Use stronger meds to get rid of the migraine, and C) test for meningitis during the spinal block. So, away we went signing forms and preparing for my c-section that would be happening in about 2 hours.

Well, at 11:29am our Little Luke was born. 

Surprisingly, this c-section was much easier than the first. My anxiety level was pretty low...maybe it was all the morphine I had gotten before? The surgery itself went well...but everyone was worried about Luke. He wasn't breathing very well. He was born at 37 weeks 1 day, so he was a little early. My husband got to carry him to the nursery, but that was the last time anyone would hold him for a few days.

While I was in recovery a lot of things happened. Luke was put on oxygen and had monitors put on. He was breathing really fast and his O2 was dropping often. He stabilized some with the oxygen, but he needed to have someone watch him all the time. I was very sad when I got to my room and I was told I couldn't see my baby.

My headache had magically gone away after the birth, so the doctor assumed that pre-eclampsia is what was wrong. I was so relieved that I didn't have to deal with the pain, but the medication that they were giving me for the pre-eclampsia made me hot and very, very nauseous. 

Later that night, around 9 or 10, the doctor came in. I hadn't been allowed to eat at all, so I was STARVING. I asked if I could eat something, and he told me no...the medication I was on would make me throw up anything I had. :/  Well, a short while later he came in again. The results of my spinal tap were back... they were positive for viral meningitis. The good news...I could get off that nasty meds and eat- the bad news... this could be bad for Luke.

Luke struggled over the next 24 hours, and his pediatrician was in close contact with the NICU from a hospital south of us. Our hospital doesn't have a NICU, nor do any that are close to where I delivered. Luke was put on antivirals to help protect him from the meningitis and he had an x-ray to check his lungs. The day after Luke was born he had a second chest x-ray which revealed that he had an air leak in his lung. This meant he needed more care and had to be transferred.

I was allowed to get up and go down to see him since he would be leaving and I had to stay... it was extremely emotional.

The neonatal team came an hour and a half to help our little guy get to the NICU... 

All snuggled in and on his way. 

I had to stay, so it was so hard to stay while he left...especially knowing that I wouldn't be able to see him for at least a few days.

Here's a post about Luke's progress in the NICU so far.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh what a week!

Just a quick update for everyone! We had our newest addition join us on Monday, via C-Section. He was 3 weeks early and he is now in the NICU. There is lots to say, but I haven't the energy to post the whole story yet. I will have the birth story and updates on our little man posted sometime this weekend! :)

For now, here's a little peek at our new son, Luke:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers!

I have to admit it has been quite some time since I have tried Huggies brand diapers. In fact, I'd say it was about 5 years or so ago- and I always seemed to have trouble with leaking. So, I was very interested in trying Huggies improved Snug & Dry diapers... I wanted to see if they really had changed.

Well, I am very glad to report we have not had any leaks! Night time is our biggest challenge, by far, so for the diapers to consistently protect overnight is huge! Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers now feature improved Leak Lock to pull wetness in and  lock it away, protecting both parents and babies from leaks.

I wish I had some old Huggies to compare to the new ones, but I don't. The new Huggies have a super cute Mickey Mouse design (which my kids LOVE)...and it's perfect for either boys or girls.

Here are a few pictures- unfortunately the lighting wasn't so great and the flash made the diapers super washed out. The first picture is the front of the diaper. The top of the diaper has a hive-like pattern to it and it rally helps the velcro tabs stick well. The second picture is the back of the diaper. We love the elastic back, especially for those oh so exciting diaper changes where you realize you would have possibly needed an entire outfit change if it wasn't for that elastic!

The third picture is the inside of the diaper. Those inner gussets are SO important! One thing I have learned is to MAKE SURE the frills around the legs are not interfering with the inner gussets- this creates leaks.  Thee diaper itself is a little thick, but not overly bulky- neither of the kids mind it so long as they are dry. Once they are wet it sags a bit and they get a little crabby...all the better for potty training!

Have you used Huggies Snug & Dry recently? What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for my next Huggies post where I will post a video of me putting Huggies Snug & Dry to the test!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

all(r) Free Clear and your pollen allergies...

If you have seasonal allergies, you probably are one to keep an eye on pollen counts in your area. In northern Michigan the tree and grass pollen is extremely high.... this can make for a not so great trip outdoors! Of course, there is allergy medication you can take, but have you ever considered all the allergens that are trapped in your clothing waiting to surprise you next time you wear them?

It's honestly not something I had considered before, but I totally understand it. My clothing picks up smells and traps other various things (cat hair, dirt, smoke, etc)... so why not pollen?  Well, it can...and most definitely does. On a peak pollen day up to 7 million pollen grains can get trapped on a large t-shirt! 

So- what can you do?

Well, all(r) free clear is the #2 brand recommended by dermatologists and allergist for sensitive skin... and it remives 99% of the #1 spring allergen- Grass and Tree pollen!  all(r) free clear is also free of potential irritants like dyes and perfumes, and hypoallergenic! And no worries about your washing machine... you can use all(r) free clear with either high efficiency or non-high efficiency washers and both top loading and front loading machines.

all(r) free clear sent me a wonderful kit to enjoy the outdoors with...and to try all(r) free clear! We received a picnic set with a blanket and a laundry bag, and of course some all(r) free clear! Our mission... to have a picnic outside and then wash the clothing and blanket that was outdoors. 

Unfortunately, Michigan weather is extremely unpredictable. We had a week of crazy warm weather when it was supposed to be winter still, then it was cold until just about two weeks ago. So, we've not had a chance to plan a proper picnic. However, we've had several days where we've played outside. 

We're pretty lucky because only me and one of our sons have seasonal allergies... but I was still excited to know that once the laundry was washed we wouldn't have to worry about being affected by the leftover pollen! all(r) free clear washed our laundry well, we had no issues with the detergent. Now, I can't say that all the pollen was gone...because I just don't know how to tell- but I was able to sniff the clothing just fine without sneezing or my eyes getting itchy.  Overall, I'd consider using all(r) free clear again, especially during allergy season. I also plan on using it on the new babies clothing and bedding when he gets here! 

I received a blogger picnic kit from all(r) free clear to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. all(r) free clear does not prevent or mitigate allergy symptoms and is not intended to treat or prevent allergies.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Got 'Em!

Got Em is a delightful way to "Corner Your Friends"! Trap their pawns in one of two games of escape and capture. In Bright Got 'Em!™ you out smart and corner your opponents through savvy card play, sly movement, and clever placement of blocking walls. In the still-casual but even-trickier Brainy Got 'Em!™ you toss aside card actions in favor of a purely strategic challenge. Both games share the same goal, the same exciting intrigue, and the same social fun.

Contents include: • One game board • The side with colored squares is used for Bright Got ’Em! • The side with white squares is used for Brainy Got ’Em! • 84 wall pieces • 55 Got ’Em!™ cards • 4 pawns • Rules

Buy It: You can purchase Calliope Games: Got 'Em! for 20.81!

Win It: Calliope Games has offered one lucky reader their own copy of Got Em' Please make sure you read the Giveaway Rules before you enter! This giveaway is brought to you by Disney and Real Mom Reviews. Six in the Nest is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Real Labor vs False Labor

So, as I type this I am sitting here having contractions. I'm due at the end of the month- so it's not THAT likely that they are the real thing. After having several children you'd think I know what the real thing is. The truth is, at least for me, the beginning labor contractions for real labor feel a whole lot like braxton hicks contractions to me. 

I've been told a few things about false labor... first, if you drink a couple glasses and lay down on your left side false labor should let up. Second, if you walk, the contractions will get stronger if it is real labor. I can say that with false labor a couple glasses of water and a nap will take care of them for me. The walking part hasn't been as true for me... and since every woman is different it is hard to be sure.

Here is a great chart from WebMD:
Contraction Characteristics
False Labor
True Labor
How often do the contractions occur?
Contractions are often irregular and do not get closer together
Contractions come at regular intervals and last about 30-70 seconds. As time goes on, they get closer together and stronger.
Do they change with movement?
Contractions may stop when you walk or rest, or may even stop if you change positions
Contractions continue despite movement or changing positions
How strong are they?
Contractions are usually weak and do not get much stronger. Or they may be strong at first and then get weaker.
Contractions steadily increase in strength
Where do you feel the pain?
Contractions are usually only felt in the front of the abdomen or pelvic region
Contractions are more intense and may start in the lower back and move to the front of the abdomen

I have found the only reliable way to know whether or not it is true labor is time. You will either continue to have contractions- or they will fade out and stop. It's always good to ask your doctor when s/he would like you to call when you think you are in labor. Generally all doctors say to call if you think you may be in labor before 37 weeks, but after that time your doctor will probably tell you to call when your contractions are 5-7 minutes apart and have been for over an hour. 

So, maybe the labor fairy is sitting on my shoulder, but maybe not. For me, only time will truly tell!

When did you know you were in labor? 
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