Sunday, June 3, 2012

all(r) Free Clear and your pollen allergies...

If you have seasonal allergies, you probably are one to keep an eye on pollen counts in your area. In northern Michigan the tree and grass pollen is extremely high.... this can make for a not so great trip outdoors! Of course, there is allergy medication you can take, but have you ever considered all the allergens that are trapped in your clothing waiting to surprise you next time you wear them?

It's honestly not something I had considered before, but I totally understand it. My clothing picks up smells and traps other various things (cat hair, dirt, smoke, etc)... so why not pollen?  Well, it can...and most definitely does. On a peak pollen day up to 7 million pollen grains can get trapped on a large t-shirt! 

So- what can you do?

Well, all(r) free clear is the #2 brand recommended by dermatologists and allergist for sensitive skin... and it remives 99% of the #1 spring allergen- Grass and Tree pollen!  all(r) free clear is also free of potential irritants like dyes and perfumes, and hypoallergenic! And no worries about your washing machine... you can use all(r) free clear with either high efficiency or non-high efficiency washers and both top loading and front loading machines.

all(r) free clear sent me a wonderful kit to enjoy the outdoors with...and to try all(r) free clear! We received a picnic set with a blanket and a laundry bag, and of course some all(r) free clear! Our mission... to have a picnic outside and then wash the clothing and blanket that was outdoors. 

Unfortunately, Michigan weather is extremely unpredictable. We had a week of crazy warm weather when it was supposed to be winter still, then it was cold until just about two weeks ago. So, we've not had a chance to plan a proper picnic. However, we've had several days where we've played outside. 

We're pretty lucky because only me and one of our sons have seasonal allergies... but I was still excited to know that once the laundry was washed we wouldn't have to worry about being affected by the leftover pollen! all(r) free clear washed our laundry well, we had no issues with the detergent. Now, I can't say that all the pollen was gone...because I just don't know how to tell- but I was able to sniff the clothing just fine without sneezing or my eyes getting itchy.  Overall, I'd consider using all(r) free clear again, especially during allergy season. I also plan on using it on the new babies clothing and bedding when he gets here! 

I received a blogger picnic kit from all(r) free clear to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. all(r) free clear does not prevent or mitigate allergy symptoms and is not intended to treat or prevent allergies.

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