Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Team Huggies?

For the last three months I have been using Huggies diapers and wipes in our home. I have to say- we've been very happy with Huggies! My husband asked just yesterday if we can continue to use Huggies diapers- something I didn't think I would ever hear from him as the last time we had used Huggies we didn't have as good of an experience. But, yes, Huggies have won over even my husband.  Since my husband is the stay at home Dad, his opinion counts more than even mine when it comes to diapering...and I have to say- he's changed more diapers than I'd care to count!

Of course, we don't plan on changing the wipes we use- since we've been loyal Huggies wipes users for quite a few years now. One and Done wipes are hands down the BEST wipes on the market in my opinion.   From crayons on our windows to sticky fingers in our backseat, Huggies wipes can clean up the mess.

If there was one thing that I wish was different it would be that the Snug & Dry diapers came in newborn size. The smallest size I can find anywhere is size 1 (for 8-14lbs) which is too large for our little Luke. Of course, Huggies has a line of diapers that has a newborn size... the Little Snugglers diapers are available in newborn and preemie sizes at my local store, but I definitely prefer the value of Snug & Dry.

After our experience with Huggies I am pleased to tell all of my readers that we have had a very positive experience with Huggies products. It is my personal opinion that Huggies wipes and diapers are some of the most reliable disposable products you can use. We haven't had any leaks with the diapers, and the wipes hold up so well you don't ever have to worry about your fingers tearing them or what your wiping coming through. If you haven't used Huggies in a while, and are looking for a reliable disposable product head to your local store and grab some- I doubt you'll be disappointed.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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Nadia's Notions said...

I used a combination of diapers with my children. Basically whatever was given to me at my baby showers. When Aidan was a baby, about 6 years ago, I hated Huggies diapers! We'd have blowouts with almost every diaper change. However, they've come a long way and we didn't have any problems with Huggies with Isaiah. :) I still use Luv's though. They're cheaper.

DealiriousMama said...

When we use disposables, we always go for Huggies. I've tried others, but they just don't seem to work as well. Plus, they are super comfy for Liam and don't bunch up when he is sleeping (he's such a wiggle worm!)
Great post! I think everyone should give them a try.

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