Saturday, June 30, 2012

TeetheMe Boxes

I've seen a lot of those monthly boxes recently. Some come with candles, some with random samples, some with crafts... well what about one with baby and young children's products? If that is something you're in need of, TeetheMe has you covered.

With your monthly subscription you can get a box delivered to your door each month with products for your newborn to 3 year old.

I received the May 2012 box recently. 


The first thing I noticed is the scent. It had a VERY strong scent- kind of like laundry. This was the Classic Linen Sachet from Green Leaf. The smell was so strong that it made everything else (including the teether) smell like it. TeetheMe realized that it was strong after the shipment, and offered customers a resolution and made note to not put them in again. Yay for good customer service (and I didn't even have to say anything about it)!

I actually DO like the scented sachet- it was just really strong for the small box. We put it in our car and it's been wonderful. 

We received two Green Sprouts items. One was a Corn Starch Teether, the other was an insulated bottle bag. I was excited about the teether- but I am a little disappointed it is mostly pink since I have a newborn boy. The insulated bottle bag may come in handy at some point.. but it wasn't something I would have normally purchased. Both items seem like good quality items, however.

The most disappointing part of the box is the Dr. Robin products. They are 2.5ml samples... I'm not sure if you can understand how little that is just from the number- but it really wasn't even enough to really try out the product. We received a sample of sunscreen and body wash- the sunscreen was barely enough to apply to a child's face and the body wash was enough to do one bath with our newborn. 

Also in the box was a 1oz jar of Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I have to say this is probably my favorite product in the box. It is useful, and it smells soooooo good. According to their site a 1oz jar is $9.95- so getting it in this box that is priced at $24 is pretty good. This product and the two Green Sprout products made up the value of the box to me. 

The last product was a votive candle from Bridgewater Candle Company. Proceeds from the sales go to feed orphaned children- so it's a really good cause. I liked this product being in the box because it introduced me to the company and the cause- and it smelled great.

TeetheMe is a new product out there, so they probably will make a lot of changes over time, especially when deciding what should go into the box. TeetheMe offers a community where people who've purchased the boxes can review the items that are in the boxes. Hopefully this participation will help improve the boxes.

Overall the only product I would have purchased myself is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm, but it was nice to be introduced to other products I didn't know were out there. I'd probably take a chance on another box just to see what the next one holds... there's something about the surprise that makes it fun.

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Christi said...

Thanks for the review! We have tried BabbaCo and I've given my SIL Birchbox, but I've been curious if TeetheMe is worth it or not... I love the idea of the boxes, but am just a little hesitant to try them until they've been around a little longer to iron out any kinks.

Trista Anderson said...

It's good that they noticed on their own that the sachet was to strong. I always stay away from these kinds of products because I don't want to get a bunch of stuff that I won't use and I hate sample sizes of products because as you said it's never enough to truly try out the product. Glad you got a couple of good things you could use :) I also love Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff Too

fancygrlnancy said...

Thanks for the review.. I have been curious about these boxes. I recently tried the BabbaCo box with my son and loved it. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Too bad you could not really try the really small samples of sunscreen and baby wash. Hopefully they look into adding an extra package of each or something in the future.

Courtney said...

I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products - I love trying new products, but I do tend to be picky with certain things.

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I've been so curious about these boxes, thanks for the review. I do have some Earth Mama Angel Baby products here that I have not tried yet, so I am excited to read that you liked yours.

Amanda said...

I've never tried these boxes before as I'm always scared that it will be full of crud I don't want or need. I'm happy to see you reviewed this and enjoyed what you received. When I'm ready to try something like this I will keep TeetheMe in mind :) Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

I love that they offer a space for the community to review what they received- SO much better than getting items you don't want every single month!

Nadia's Notions said...

I received one of those teethers for Laila when she was a baby! She liked it a lot. :) I love the bottle bag, although it probably isn't something I'd use since I mainly breastfeed. Curious what is in the satchel of that linen scented stuff... I don't like chemicals around my kids. It seems strange that they'd put something like that in a box filled with "natural" baby stuff? I'd like to look into it more. Thanks for the review!

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