Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear 16 year old me...

If you Like my Facebook page, you have may have seen this a couple times....but I think it is important that EVERYONE sees it. Yep, I said everyone.

Why do I think everyone should see it... ?

Well, besides the obvious fact that NO ONE wants cancer- I am hoping that parents will take the fact that "just one serious sunburn before 18 can double your chances of skin cancer". ONE. One serious sunburn is all it takes to increase your chance of getting skin cancer. I am at serious risk. Besides having super fair skin (I am ghostly white- even when "tan"), I have had more than one serious sunburn. 

One time, when I was about 13 I was at a fundraiser car wash for Girl Scouts. No sunscreen that I can remember, but I may have had some on and just didn't re-apply it like I should have. Well, by the end of the day I could tell I was burnt- I looked like a lobster...then, about four hours later, I had blisters, HUGE blisters.  My skin was no longer red, it was purple, and I couldn't wear a shirt.  Over the next two weeks my dead skin came off, and I even have scars from it.... I have an increased risk of skin cancer. That is scary.

Tanning beds are dangerous...don't put your self at risk unnecessarily! There are so many self tanners that you can use to get that "glow". 

Sunscreen is so important... please use it.

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Bobbie said...

That is so scary! I wear sunscreen and still get burned. I haven't ever had blisters before but I have had some pretty painful ones. One of my biggest fears is getting skin cancer.

Thanks for posting this!

Amy @ Motherhood and Miscellany said...

Thanks for posting this. I am a fanatic about sunscreen on my girls, but not so great about remembering to put it on myself. I'll do better about it now! - Amy

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