Friday, June 17, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Baby Blossom Designs

Andrea, from Baby Blossom Designs, has given me a medium PUL diaper cover to review.

Here is the diaper cover I received:

This diaper cover is made with PUL, with fold over elastic at the waist and legs. The cover is fastened with Touchtape closure, for a truly adjustable fit- which is important with the varying sizes of prefolds and fitteds.

I really like that there are laundry tabs, they are a very important feature to me when I am dealing with Touchtape/Aplix/Velcro. I also like that the Touchtape is far enough away from the elastic that it doesn't grab at it and ruin the elastic on the tabs, which I have another brand's cover that this has happened with.

I do feel that this cover is a bit small. I can't use it with my one size fitteds because they are too fluffy and the rise on this cover is too short. I may have needed the medium-long size. I do like to use this cover with my prefolds, and I have even used it more like an AI2 (just put a trifolded prefold in and switched it out). It was slightly tricky to figure out how to put the cover on so that there wasn't a gap in the legs or waist- again, I think this could be my skinny thighed girl's problem. However, if you are worried about the cover fitting well, Andrea can absolutely do a custom cover just for you- to your baby's measurements. This will ensure a better fit all around!

 The diaper cover has held up decently. The tabs are curling a little bit, though. The PUL is going strong and I expect it will for quite some time- and it hasn't stained yet! 

Brand: Baby Blossom Designs
Price:  PUL Cover- about $10 depending on size
Type: Cover
Fluff Factor: N/A
Containment: Good
Ease of use: B+
Drying Time: N/A

Now... PUL covers aren't the only thing Andrea sells at Baby Blossom Designs! No, no... she also has diapers, applique'd shirts, wetbags, snackbags and more! Check out Baby Blossom Design's facebook page for some lovely pictures of her items.

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