Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B. Curious- Sugar Chute

B. Curious. Yep, that's right.... B. wants kids to be curious! I have found curiosity leads to learning- and learning is exactly what I want my children to do! There are 11 toys currently in the B. Curious category. One of those toys is the Sugar Chute!

The Sugar Chute looks like an old style gumball machine, and essentially performs in the same way- but without coins. 

The Sugar Chute comes with 12 balls, some of them with smaller balls inside of them and others have fun designs. 

I chose this product for my 2 year old, Nolyn. The age range, according to the site, is ages 1-3.  I can tell you that even my 4 year old enjoyed this toy... he especially enjoyed helping out his little brother and teaching him how to use it. 

The boys really liked this toy... I couldn't get a decent shot of them smiling or looking at me since they were both so interested in the toy!

The Sugar Chute is a sturdy toy. The plastic is strong, and it has undergone a lot of testing from our crew! Nolyn uses everything as a step stool currently, and the Sugar Chute has not been excluded from this. Nolyn has used it to climb onto things, and also as a seat...but the Sugar Chute has held up perfectly!

We did have an issue with the balls falling through. What I mean by that is instead of turning the key to get a ball, Nolyn could just drop the ball in the top and have it fall through to the end. We were able to solve this by changing the key position when the ball was placed into the Sugar Chute, but Nolyn could not do this himself. He didn't seem to mind that the balls came right out, however, he enjoyed the challenge of getting the balls all in.

If I could make changes to this product I would make the action-consequence sequence more perfect and add a lid to the Sugar Chute. While a lid is not needed during play, it would be very helpful for storage. We have lost at least 4 of the original balls and I believe it is because it gets knocked over and they get misplaced.

Overall, I would recommend this toy... Nolyn enjoys the Sugar Chute!

The Sugar Chute can be purchased at Target stores and specialty stores. I found the Sugar Chute at Target for $14.99.

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I received this item at no cost to me to facilitate my review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own. My experiences may differ from your own.

4 fantastic comments:

Sandra Wilkes said...

Cute toy! If I hada little one in my life I'd be tempted! Enjoy your 6. What joys!

Nicole B said...

I think kids would love playing with this toy b/c it looks like a gumball machine and my kids LOVE those - but since it is rated for ages 1-3 I wondered how big those balls were? I can't tell exactly but wanted to make sure they wouldn't be a choking hazard for the younger babies.

Six in the Nest said...

Hi Nicole! I don't think there would be any issue with them being a choking hazard for the age range that the toy is recommended for.

The size of these balls is almost the same as a golf ball, maybe slightly bigger than a golf ball. There are some with smaller balls inside the bigger ball, and if they somehow got out I could see them being a hazard, but the balls are pretty sturdy. I smashed one with our reclining chair and it didn't break.

Amanda said...

DD would love this! I don't know that I would! LOL I can just imagine stepping on a ball in the middle of the night! Or dd throwing them against the wall (she loves to throw things)
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