Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fisher Price Peppa Pig toys come to Toys R Us!

Peppa Pig is an adorable short cartoon that my kids love...and now they can love her even more with the super fun toy line!

We recently received several toys for review, and I have to say I was very surprised with them!

The first toys is this adorable Hug 'N Oink Peppa. This 12" Peppa Pig LOVES hugs....and she lets you know every time you hug her! 

We also received the Peek 'n Surprise Playhouse, which was a HUGE hit with our daughter.

The play pieces had flip parts to show different stages of play. One example is one of the bunk beds had a messy side, the other side was tidy, another is a sink of dirty dishes and then flip it to reveal a cleaned up sink. This allows a lot of fun play...but we did have a hard time flipping the pieces without them coming out. Thankfully they are easy for an adult to put back in, but they can also be easily lost. 

The Playhouse folds up nicely (with all the pieces inside) for easy storage! This is a HUGE pro for me since it will help keep all the pieces together! 

The Fisher-Price Peppa Pig toys are available at Toys R Us!

We received product samples to conduct our review. All opinions are my own, no monetary compensation was received.

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