Saturday, October 13, 2012

Firmoo who?

If you wear glasses, you should know that there are many places online to order glasses from. Many of these places offer great pricing.... but Firmoo goes another step beyond great pricing. New customers get their first pair of glasses FREE. Yep! You only pay shipping and handling. Unsatisfied with the glasses you get? If they can't make it right, they will even refund your shipping! (see site for more details).

I've been wearing glasses for over 10 years now...every day... and my glasses have interfered with my desire to wear sunglasses. I often feel like I have very little choice in sunglasses....ugly wrap around ones or clip on style ones. Well, Firmoo even offers prescription sunglasses- so I decided to try them out!

Honestly, I am not thrilled with the color...but the prescription was perfect- I could see just as clearly as with my other glasses- and the tint was nice. They aren't overly dark tinted glasses, and the tint really makes a difference. I know these will be great when I drive this winter, and hopefully I won't have any more issues being blinded by the snow!

The glasses came in a great case along with a nice cleaning cloth. The glasses were well packed and had bubble wrap even in the glasses case. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the way this color looked on me, I actually do plan on trying another pair of glasses from Firmoo soon! This time I may try to use the virtual try-on tool Firmoo offers. 

Head on over to Firmoo to get your FREE pair of glasses.

I received a pair of RX sunglasses free of charge for review purposes. All opinion are entirely my own.

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