Monday, December 16, 2013

The best gift ever... #MC sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Before I tell you all about the best gift ever, I want to introduce you to a great new website. This website is called CWIST, and it's a site that you and your children use. Through CWIST, you can assign your child(ren) tasks that help them learn and create while working toward a specific goal. 

As a parent, you choose your child's login and password. Then, you get to choose your child's CWIST. Their CWIST is their task to complete. You assign their CWIST and mark what reward they are able to earn by completing the CWIST (they can help you choose, too)! 

After you set up their account, the child can login and begin working on their CWIST. When you (as a parent) log back in to your account you are able to see the progress your child has made. Below is the screen shot of one of my son's CWIST's and his progress, which you can see he is at 40%.

 Each CWIST is different, and you can even create your own CWISTs. 

Now... here's the best gift ever. The best gift is.... the one you gave, of course! Being generous and helping others is always something that is amazing, especially during the holidays. This year, CWIST is offering to donate up to $2,500 in gifts in exchange for children completing CWISTs.  All you need to do is join CWIST, set up your profile and your child's, then click on the KIDS CWIST for KIDS tag (which you can see in the image above). Then you follow the instructions and choose a child, choose a gift, and choose the CWIST your child will be assigned. As long as your child completes the CWIST by January 6th, the child you selected will get their wish granted. 

The motivation that children have to complete the CWISTs is amazing! CWIST is free, so don't hesitate trying it out! 

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