Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dr. Fisher? #Giveaway

I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy's Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review.

Have you heard of Dr. Fisher? No, well, to be honest neither had I until recently.

 Fischer Pharmaceuticals was founded by Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer in 1965. Company founder and present chairman Dr. Eli Fischer, working with a committed team of scientists, has been responsible over the years for originating many innovative pharmaceutical and state-of-the-art products based on his imaginative concepts. These products are now an accepted part of the commodities landscape throughout the world and as such enjoy universal appeal and demand. The Fisher's role in the world hasn't changed much, since the end of the last century (1891) until the present time, three generations of Dr. Fischer have been associated with medicine and research in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, photobiology and pharmacology. 

Today, Dr. Fischer and Fischer Pharmaceutical Group of manufacturing and marketing now comprises of 19 individual companies distributing a large variety of high technological pharmaceuticals worldwide with special emphasis on various categories of dermatological products, wet wipes and nutraceuticals. 

So, what do they sell, and why do you care?

 Since there are many different products, I am going to let you know my experiences with a few of them. 

Let's start with my favorite product. Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby.. My favorite feature is that they are individually wrapped towelettes. One thing I know from my medical background, is that you do not want to be "dipping in" to a cleansing solution to wash eyes. Your eyes are especially susceptible to infection, so you don't want to have an open product that can have bacteria breeding in it.
That's why I love the individual wipes. I also like the gentle hypoallergenic formula. I first tested these out myself before using on my baby, just to be sure. These towelettes are gentle and neither I nor my baby had any issues.
These are also nice because you do not have to worry about rinsing the eye after use.

There is also a version for adults, Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Adults. These are very similar. They come wrapped individually and are rinse-free. I like using these in the morning especially, they help me feel refreshed and my eyes get cleared of the excess gunk that can build up over night.

Dr. Fischer Sensitive Baby Wipes are a great wipe for those babies who have a hard time with other brands, or if you are just looking for one that is better for baby's skin. The wipes are thick enough to get through the tough situations, but plenty gentle enough for use during each diapering.'s an interesting product for you.... soapless soap. Oximoron, right? Well, Dr. Fischer Kamil Blue Moisturizing Soapless Soap is a nice cleanser. This is a formula that must be rinsed off well, and is suitable for the whole family. This formula is created to suit the skin's natural pH, and I love the way it smells. Babies smell like babies and it is oh-so-nice!

The last product that we got to try out was Dr. Fischer EMOL Baby Bath Oil.. This bath oil will help moisturize your baby's skin and keep that baby-soft skin lovingly healthy. This also has no soap!

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Amy said...

I really would like to try the wipes.

Nancy said...

I'd like to try the Soapless Soap.

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