Friday, May 6, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Bummas Wipes Review!

I personally think cloth wipes go hand in hand with clot diapers. I mean, if you can save even more money and help out the environment, why not?

There are a lot of different cloth wipes out there, and many different opinions of them.  Bummas cloth wipes are more of a drying wipe (and, maybe a keep the pee off me wipe...cause girls can surprise you too!). Even if you do use commercial wet wipes, Bummas can be pretty handy to have around. 

We have used our Bummas wipes quite a bit, especially when Annabelle ended up with a bad diaper rash not long ago. We had to use some medicated cream (and sposies, since we don't have liners yet)...but that medicated cream doesn't go on very well if the bottom isn't dry. Bummas wipes were very helpful in quickly drying her bottom so we could apply the cream to her ouchie rash.

Bummas wipes are fairly small, they are 5" x 7". Bummas barely covered my entire hand (I do have large hands), so I haven't ever used these for doody clean-up. I do wish Bummas were a little bigger because I think they would do great on the messes. One side of the Bummas wipe is soft and cozy, and the other is more rough (perfect for the dirty job, if they were a bit bigger). 

Bummas can be purchased in packages of 10 for $16.99, there are several color schemes available too!

In order to complete the review I received a free package of Bummas wipes. I received no monetary compensation for this post and my opinions are entirely my own. You may or may not have the same experience as I did with this product. 

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Unknown said...

I've been eying these for years. They look great. I think I'll have to purchase some when we have another baby.

I'm stopping by from the Alexa Hop from last week. Thanks for following me. I'm following you too.

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Ms Janet said...

I did not know where else to comment, but do you have bloglovin? i would love to follow you on that.

Six in the Nest said...

I don't have bloglovin. Maybe I will look into it...never heard of it before.

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