Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family photos....incredibly difficult with 6 kids!

Every time we get photos done it turns out to be a stressful experience. I am not sure why I thought this time would be better...

Let's take last year's photos for instance... right off the bat, we got nearly a perfect picture:

Okay, well it was perfect enough for us.

But...then things started to get a little crazy....

Okay, this one isn't too bad, BUT you should have seen the chaos going on around everywhere, trying to leave, it just was no good.

Then came this lovely photo...

Adorable right? But, again, there was chaos....complete chaos going on.

And then...there is this photo:

And this is the best one we captured of these was torture for them, TORTURE. (well, it at least seemed like it to everyone who was present). 

Well, our most recent experience was with a different photographer, in fact, it is a girl I went to school with. We thought we were prepared...we had the outfits set, we matched wonderfully! We bribed the children ("If you are good and listen to directions you can choose a toy or ice cream from the local fast food place!"). We had given the children naps, they were ready for the we. thought.

We walk into the studio, not bad, everything seems cool. There is a big pool like blow up with balls in it (a ball-pit) and the kids were excited. Well, this is okay, I thought... I can use this fun stuff as a bribe for the family shoot.

Oh no. That did not happen. We tried, but to no avail. The children just wouldn't cooperate. Okay, we try a bottle with Annabelle. Nope, that wasn't the issue. We try getting the boys to take pictures together... Nope, didn't happen. Okay, well it SORT OF happened- but they were NOT interested in posing.

We gave in, let's do the ball pit and get the kids' energy out.

Well, let's just say, it was wild. Kids were being kicked, some were hoarding balls, others were flailing around like fish out of water.

Once we had all the screaming and crying we could take, we said enough is enough of the ball-pit. (Thank heaven the photographer didn't kick us out yet!) The kids were mad, but the show had to go on!

Next up, TRYING family photo's again. Now, this time wasn't too bad, most of the kids were cooperative to a point, except Nolyn. Nolyn didn't want any part of this photo shoot business. Not to mention he insisted on holding a bright green ball from the ball-pit. We mutter through a few dozen pictures, praying that our kids will look okay for just one. Then the photographer says "say cheese". Well, for some reason the boys thought they had to draw out cheese until they ran out of breath...


Okay, this was funny, nope scratch that...HILARIOUS! They just kept doing it...they would breathe and then


I couldn't help myself, I cracked up. I couldn't take it anymore, it was just so funny. I think the stress made me crack a little bit was just what we all needed. (Thank you, boys!). They just kept going and going..and I kept laughing and laughing, even with tears in my eyes.

We eventually get enough photographs taken that the photographer thinks she can compile something that resembles a normal family portrait. Then, we hurry and change Annabelle into her pretty little dress for some Annabelle only shots.

Annabelle isn't fond of strangers, so, having her on her own didn't work to well. She also was drooling like a dog staring at a steak. 


I ended up holding Annabelle, just in hopes to get some smiley pictures.


Then, Raymond and I needed to get a few least these were easy (as the children ran rampant).


Then...done. Thank goodness. What a very stressful with six children (all 7 and under) are insanely trying! Thank goodness for a patient photographer!

We purchased the rights to the 2010 family pictures in the first part of this post, the 2011 family photos are being used with permission from Tatum McWatters of Tatum Photo and Design.

You can find more family photos of my family in the tab, The Nest!

19 fantastic comments:

The Preppy Student said...

what a beautiful family! your boys (and girl) are all gorgeous and I love the shirt you chose for your new pictures. The grey is really nice.

Diane and Chad said...

I love the cracking up photos the cute:)

Heather Kelly said...

Awesome photos! I am glad that you finally got your baby girl! She's beautiful.

Six in the Nest said...

Thank you! :)

six chicks said...

What a beautiful family!

Kozy Koverz by Louise said...

stumbled across your page while searching for jewelry making supplies for some reason.

this post totally cracked me up because i have 6 kids ages 6,5,4,4,3 & 5 months so i can TOTALLY relate.

your final picture turned out really nice and i love how the green ball is tucked in there.

hope you don't mind if i snoop around and see what else you've written about.

Five Foot Mama said...

I think you've got some some winners! They look really cute... I like the ones that look more candid with someone laughing or making a goofy face.

I actually saw a comment you posted on the "Blame it on the Stork" blog and thought I'd check out yours!

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness...that was too funny! I have that much trouble and I only have 2 kiddos! Found you from the hop.

Around My Family Table

Unknown said...

I love you, and your babies!!

Janice said...

Love it! What fun pics. Your personalities are all on display. Your family seems like a great bunch. <3

Celebrating Family

Momma3J said...

Oh my gosh, too funny! I couldn't help but think back to the first (and last) time I took my kids for a photo shoot and I only have three. LOL! It was pure craziness. I have yet to go back there because I was so stressed. Thanks for sharing your story and the pictures.

Unknown said...

Stopping by from One Smiley Monkey from the RMR Blog Hop

MikiHope said...

Six Males 2 Females--you are outnumbered!! That was hilarious-considering all that went on--that is one marvelous family pic!!!
Following you from the Alexa bog hop

Michele aka MikiHope

Karen F said...

Awhh ~ totally beautiful family!!

Stopping by from the Lower your Alexa Hop ~ Thanks!!

~Mommy's Moments~

Shauna said...

OMG, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your family... great looking and great pics... coming to you from the Alexa Hop -

Laura O in AK said...

Love seeing that my boys are not the only ones who are hard to photograph at times.

Stopping by with the Alexa hop this week.

Laura O in AK

GranGoddessa said...


Spent so much time reading and view your beautiful family and great photos that must keep this brief and am following you everywhere i could find. Have a great day!


kris said...


First, you guys are gorgeous.


I have never ever tried to pose for professional photos with my two daughters . . . I am a big fan of the candid shots. The other always seems too stressful, and you have done nothing to dissuade me from that belief. Hee hee!

Personally, my favorite shot is when you have sunk your head into your husband's shoulder, giggling helplessly.

That's the one I would have chosen to use.


But I am a loon.


Sandy H @ Journey To Our Home said...

Taking pictures of my small family is still insane. I think it is just what family pictures are supposed to be.
I come from a family of 6 kids and not everyone can look good at the same time! As they get older I'm sure the picture process will get smoother. Have you perhaps tried to do an outside photo shoot? That's usually what we elect to do.

I found you through Happenings in the Harper Household.

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