The Nest

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Who are we? Well, here we are!

Our lovely family

Top row: RJ, Liam, Gavin
Middle-ish: Raymond (My husband) and Jenilee (Me!)
Bottom row: Nolyn, Annabelle, Luke, Orrin, and Gabriel

We are from Northern Michigan- and we love it here most of the time! It's a great place to raise a family. 

I work crazy hours at USPS, delivering mail on a rural route most days, and helping in the office on other days.  I love my job, it's a perfect fit for me!

Raymond is the stay-at-home Dad. He's a great father, and the kids are really lucky to have him!

Our kids are fun, rambunctious, and they often like to push our buttons.... but aren't all kids that way? Overall they're really great kids and we are incredibly blessed.

2 fantastic comments:

Mama Chocolate said...

Wow, you have adorable kids, and the pictures are amazing! <3

Heather Birdwell said...

I can only imagine since photos for my family of 7 is a biscuit!

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