Friday, May 20, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Nifty Nappy

Today we will be reviewing the Nifty Nappy fitted diaper, and Woolie Wrap. Thinking back to when I approached Vilate, owner of Nifty Nappy, I remember that I didn't even know what a fitted was. Thankfully, I have had the chance to try Nifty Nappy to learn how great of a diapering experience it can be when using fitteds.

Here is the Nifty Nappy that I received to review:

This is the inside, with the insert.

First thoughts:
This diaper was soooooo soft when we first got it. Oh my, *I* wanted to wear it! LOL. Soft and squishy and oh so nice.

Nifty Nappy fitteds are one size fits most, from 7-35lbs. At first, I didn't realize this, and thought that it would be awefully bulky on an itty bitty, but Vilate's video shows just how you can adjust the Nifty Nappy to fit an itty bitty!

Now, the Nifty Nappy diapers need a cover. Vilate suggested that I use a wool cover, her Woolie Wrap, with the Nifty Nappy to get the best Nifty Nappy experience possible.... and so I did. 

Here is Annabelle in the Nifty Nappy. 

While I could use the Nifty Nappy on both of my children in diapers, I do have to say I have not tried it on Nolyn. So this review will be based on Annabelle's use alone. 

It took me a bit to warm up to the Nifty Nappy, it was just a lot of fluff for me at first. I couldn't have Annabelle wear her jeans, or some of her outfits because of the fluffiness of the Nifty Nappy. It wasn't until we dove in and started cloth diapering at night that I fell in love.

When we started using cloth at night we went through several nights in a row where Annabelle leaked through her pocket diapers. This was partially because I thought I only needed one microfiber insert, and partly because packet diapers just can't contain as much liquid as a fitted. With a fitted, the entire diaper is made up of absorbent material. This means a lot more liquid can be contained in comparison to a pocket diaper's insert.

Well, after a couple nights I decided it was time to try the Nifty Nappy again, I paired it with the Woolie Wrap as well.

To my surprise, the next morning Annabelle was dry! Oh leak, no wet blankets or night gown. Thank goodness!

Well, since that night the Nifty Nappy has been on rotation with only two other diapers for our night time choice. This also means that the Nifty Nappy gets washed every other day..... but the Nifty Nappy has held up well, even with frequent washing. It isn't quite as soft, or as fluffy as it once was, but it still does it job and looks great!

To truly make this a great diaper, we use the Woolie Wrap. Here is a picture of Annabelle with her Nifty Nappy and Woolie Wrap on:

I was very intimidated by the Woolie Wrap. VERY. Having never used wool before, I was worried that I would mess it all up. Thankfully I had some lanolin. All I did was followed the instructions on the card that was sent with the wrap. After lanolizing and drying I found out that it is all failry simple. I love that I can re-use the cover. The only thing I don't like about wool is that I have to worry about the husband or kids throwing it in with the diapers.

Overall this cover is pretty neat. I do wish it were just a little bigger, maybe a little higher rise. It is pretty snug over the Nifty Nappy, and I do worry about it fitting down the road.

Vilate no longer has her diapers for sale directly, but they are out there. Some retailers may still have some in stock. Also, she recently announced that she will be offering a Cottage licence!  So, her diapers will be able to be made by other mama's too! I also recommend her page if you are just starting cloth...there is a TON of information!

Brand: Nifty Nappy Growing Up Green
Price: around $25/ diaper, and about $25/ cover 
Type: Fitted
Fluff Factor: Fluffy
Containment: Great
Ease of use: A-
Drying Time: Fair

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