Sunday, May 8, 2011

PenAgain Review!

PenAgain is not your normal pen... not at all. The most obvious difference is its shaped. The PenAgain has a wishbone shape that is more ergonomic for your hand.

We received the Ergosof and the Twist 'n Write to review.

The kids loved the Twist 'n Write. They wouldn't keep their hands off them... in fact they loved them so much that the eraser parts fell off! I didn't think the erasers worked very well, but it could have been our paper as well. One thing I didn't really like is that you have to purchase extra lead separately. My youngest got a hold of these and twisted the lead out and lost it. (No more Twist 'n Write for us!)

The Ergosof PenAgain is a pretty neat writing utensil. I personally don't find it overly comfortable, as I don't like how it separates my first and middle finger (it hurts my hand), and it pushes on my palm at times. However, although I am not overly fond of actually writing with it, I really love its compact size and this really neat push button retracting feature. I think this pen would be a great pen to keep in your purse or vehicle!

Overall, I love that PenAgain's Twist 'n Write made my kids WANT to write (which is a big challenge), and I love the compact size of the Ergosof PenAgain.

I received the above items for free in order to complete this review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are entirely my own.

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