Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ewww.... moldy jerky!

Okay, okay...this is kind of gross....but I had to share.

My loving husband had gone down to the local gas station for a snack. He knows I am usually very fond of Jack Link's teriyaki beef jerky, so he picked me up a piece of it.

He brings it home... I think, oh that looks good, and I open it up. I peel the top and push the jerky up a bit so I can take a bite. I bite a piece off and chew. Not so great....nope, that jerky did NOT taste like it normally does. I take a drink to wash out the flavor and see if perhaps, my mouth was just in a foul state. I attempt another bite.... oh man, STILL foul.  So, I peel back the package some more and then I see the culprit. Yes... fuzzy white stuff (maybe a little green-ish tinge.. the lighting is poor in my house at night). Ugh. I spit out what is in my mouth, I am actually allergic to mold. Eeek.

Well, I don't think I ingested enough of the moldy jerky (just one small bite) to die...and there has been no allergic reaction as of yet so I think I'll be okay. I didn't even know jerky could mold....but I suppose that is why they vacuum pack the package. Anyhow, I wrote a little note to Jack Link's and I will update you as to what I hear back. Hopefully my jerky is the only one affected, but I doubt I will be eating jerky again for a while.

ETA:  I left my moldy piece of jerky on the counter, in case the company were to ask me to send it to them or something...well, my dog got it- but apparently didn't like it much either (I think it says a lot if a dog won't even eat it!) it was laying on the floor semi chewed and then left... and is now in the garbage can. Eww, again.

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