Friday, May 13, 2011

Darn you Blogger!

So, it is likely you have heard of the great Blogger situation. I haven't been able to do ANYTHING with my blog for about 2 days now. :(  I have heard that posts/comments have been lost as well.

Anyhow, Blogger seems to be back for now, and I am going to work late into the evening to try to get some posts scheduled again for the next week...

My husband is having surgery on Monday, so I will NOT be making the blog (or my reviews, sorry to the companies I owe reviews to this week- this wasn't planned) a priority for at least a week. Please understand that this is a time that I need to be with my family. 

I had thought about changing the giveaway dates to extend them, but because I have end dates on other sites I can't. I will however give you all 5 (total) extra entries to the open giveaways... just post "Darn you, blogger" #1-5, and your email in the extra entries.

Sorry, and thank you all for reading. I hope to have everything back to normal in a little over a week. :)

2 fantastic comments:

Unknown said...

lol, and Blogger's usually so nice.

I'm sorry about your husband...I hope everything goes well.


Six in the Nest said...

Thank you Carla.

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