Monday, April 11, 2011

It's not free.... and a note about my reviews.

So, if you are a reader, you may be thinking... it must be awesome to get all of these products for free, right? 

Well.... it's not free. Not that I don't LOVE what I do, but it isn't free. 

Now of course, I do provide my time in exchange for the I have never thought of these products as free (it really does take a LOT of time to run a blog). But, on top of that, I recently found out that I must pay taxes on the items I get for review. Yep. Although I don't pay for these items, I am, in essence, bartering for them and I must pay taxes on them as well. 

Although I have run into this new expense, I will continue to give you all the wonderful reviews and giveaways you all have come to no worries there. I just hope next year doesn't bite me in the tush!

 Anyway, my main goal of letting you all know this is... while I do get these items to review at no charge, they are NOT free...and their "free-ness" does not sway my opinion. I will never say I like a product if I don't. I always state my OWN opinion about the product.

 My reviews do include "facts" from the site (I cannot guarantee they are indeed facts, but only what the companies claim), and other information along with my personal opinion, but this is to help every one make a more informed choice on the product and to get to know the company better. I want you all to trust me, I really do appreciate all of my readers, and I hope that letting you all know that I take blogging (both review, and personal subjects) seriously. If there is a product I LOVE you will know (see Smarcks, and TruKid for two), if I don't have a good experience with a product, you will know too (Bendaroos). Usually, the product falls in between those two categories. I prefer to point out the good things, and the things that could be improved... and while I may not have a good experience with a product, I try not to completely bash a product because companies don't deserve that and each person may have a different experience with the product.

Please take the opportunity to use this post to ask any questions (you can always ask questions via email, if you would like a personal response) of me... post a comment and I will get back to you asap! :)

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