Monday, April 25, 2011

Me on Monday

So, some of my readers have asked to know more about me... I am honored that some are that curious!

So, each week, if there is participation, I will be answering YOUR questions about me (from the previous week's comments).  You can ask anything you would like, be it about the blog, me, my views, whatever you want to know. I reserve the right not to answer a question if I do not want to, however. 

So, to start things off, I will post a few random things about me and my life.... please post questions for me as comments, and I will copy and paste them into next weeks post! :)


Question 1

Did you always want a large family?
Yes! I actually wanted 12 children when I was younger, now I am thinking we're done with 6. If we could afford a bigger vehicle and daily life a bit better, I would consider having more. I'm not sure why I wanted 12 when I was younger, just a number I pulled out of my head at the time  I suppose.

Question 2

What's your favorite season and what do you activities do you like to do during that time? 
Spring! I love seeing the world come back to life, it is magical!  We love to go for walks, enjoy the parks, pretty much anything outdoors since Winter in Michigan is not very welcoming.

Question 3

I would LOVE if you could share your experiences or tips about successful room sharing. I have an 8 month old and a 7 year old that are supposed to share, but the baby is still in my room. I'm mainly concerned about bed time and both kids getting the undisturbed sleep they need. Help!
Haha...well... here is how we have our rooms. The three oldest (7,6,5) are in a room together. Then, the two younger boys (4 and 2) are together.  Annabelle (6 months) is supposed to be in the two younger boys' room, but we don't really trust our 4 year old to leave her alone so she sleeps with us, or in her pack in play for now. It is quite a challenge to get all the kids to actually be quiet. We take privileges away when they are especially loud or up especially late, but we've pretty much just given into the fact that it will always be like there is a slumber party for them.
Now, I think our 7 year old and our baby could sleep in the same room pretty easily. If your 8 month old sleeps through the night usually, just make the switch, if he/she doesn't then maybe do a couple of trial nights and see if it even effects the 7 year old... it may not. 

Question 4

Usually, if I have a question I just text and ask you. ;) I do have a question about your faith. I know you are not atheist, but I am very curious about your beliefs. I always tell you that you act more Christian than most Christians I know! haha. We usually "don't go there" so I understand if you don't want to answer this question.

Hmm. Well, leave it to real-life friends to get right down to the grit. ;)  I'm not really going to answer this directly, more just give some information on how I view religion. No, I am not Atheist, and nor am I Christian. I am extremely open minded when it comes to religion (at least I think so), and very tolerant of others' religious choices.  To me, religion really is something that should be "to each their own", it is a very personal choice and no one should tell you that it is the wrong choice for you.  I will also say that my choice of religion is usually very misunderstood,  television, movies, and ignorant people who label themselves have made it into something it really isn't. I believe in being as kind as I can, as honest as possible, and putting out to the world what I would like to receive in return ( one's perfect).

Question 5

how do you keep 5 boys so close in age from absolutely trashing the house? How do you keep 5 active almost-the-same-age boys under control? 

Well, we don't.... at least not entirely. Every room of our house has been colored on, there are several holes in the wall upstairs, and our house generally looks like a tornado has gone through it. Toys, books, and anything else that is accessible can and will be destroyed by these boys. Now, outside of the home we generally can keep them in control... but when we are home they know we can't be on them all the time (it just isn't possible) and that is when things get craaaaaaaazzzzy.

Question 6

When did you start your family? What made you start blogging?

Well, I got pregnant in 2003. :) I have been with my husband since 2002, although the first (almost) 3 years were really rocky.  I was 17 when I first dated him... :)

I started blogging in November of 2009... I had big plans, but I never really got them going. I had a little "blog" on Myspace and really enjoyed it... so I thought an actual blog would be even better. Then, my friend Skye started her blog in November 2010 and it sparked an interest in me again. I didn't think I would ever do reviews (didn't think anyone would want me, but I am glad I have gotten the chance to do so! 

Question 7

Here's a question for ya...
A python? WHY?! ;-)

Haha, well, I have always loved animals...and I don't mind snakes.  Ball pythons are very easy to take care of, and fairly timid. We've enjoyed owning one, although he doesn't get nearly as much attention that he used to.

Question 8

What are your children;s ages??? :)

This one is simple! They are currently: 7, 6, 5, 4, 2, and 6 months. :) The first 5 are all boys, last one is our darling daughter. 

14 fantastic comments:

Megan said...

This was an informative post! You definitely have your hands full, but it sounds like your handling things well. Thanks for answering my question! Unfortunately, my little one doesn't sleep through the night, nor does she fall to sleep on her own :( I know, that's MY issue I'm going to need to straighten out.

Six in the Nest said...

I would still suggest a trial run of having them in the same room. Choose a weekend and try it out. If you are willing to cry-it-out, it may only take a couple days. If not, it will take a little longer, but I would suggest getting baby to sleep, putting her in the room, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night feed/soothe and try to take her back into the room.

We sort of do the cry it out method, but we aren't super strict about it and can usually tell when our babies need some extra love and when they are just crying to avoid sleep. Lots of luck, Megan! Hope everything gets situated soon!

Unknown said...

I greatly enjoyed your answer to question #4. As I put it, someone's relationship with a higher power should be between them and the higher one else. It's nice to see another blogger mom like that as well!

Anonymous said...

I love this! We as bloggers are usually the one's asking all the questions! I have a big family too, and love every minute of it!

Unknown said...

12 kids... ha ha ha ha! I love you Jen!

Nikki said...

I completely agree with your take on religion. I personally do not believe in organized religion because I feel everyone should find their own connection to their chosen god (or even lack thereof).

Wow, with six older brothers, no guy is ever going to get near your little girl! My brother in law has four kids, the last one is a girl and already her brothers treat her like a princess. It's sweet!

Mel Creates Often said...

I love your answer to what religion you are. It makes me very curious, too. I totally believe religion is up to each individual and it is a private matter. Good answer! I'm stopping by from the Alexa hop.

Yours Faithfully said...

Thanks for sharing. Always nice to know more about a blogger behind the blog.

Just stopping by from the Alexa Blog Hop. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Loved reading this! Thanks for sharing!! And what a great idea! :) You are one busy momma!! :)
I am out Alexa hopping!

lovinangels said...

Aw, so many babies! You have your hands full! (Had to say it!)
stopped by on the Alexa hop, nice to see you again!

Kristin said...

Great post...nice to meet you!!

New follower from the Alexa hop...would love if you could visit:

Kristin :)

Chase said...

That's funny that you wanted 12 kids! I used to want 4, and now I'm thinking 1 might be enough for me! :)

Already following you--commenting from the alexa blog hop! :)
Chase’s View

Mama Chocolate said...

I always said I wanted 12 kids too! We have two so far, and 12 sounds a little more overwhelming than it used to, ;-) but I'm still hoping for at least a houseful! :-)
I didn't know that your kids were so close in age and mostly boys! I'm sure they keep you busy! :-)

Stopping by with my Alexa toolbar! ;-)
Johanna at Mama Chocolate
Family life, tips for mom, reviews, giveaways and more!

GranGoddessa said...

Really enjoyed learning about you; however, am happy to be at the grandmother stage! I am following because it is a fascinating blog.

Hopped with my Alexa toolbar and invite you to visit me, too.


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