Friday, April 15, 2011

Fluffy Fridays- Snappi Review

Snappi Diaper Fastener

When using prefolds, flats, and contour diapers you must use some sort of diaper fastener. Diaper pins were traditionally used, but many are hesitant because of the possibility of poking the baby (or yourself)!

Snappi diaper fasteners can help make diapering a little bit safer and more simple.

The Snappi diaper fastener works by gripping the diaper's material with its "teeth" and then holding the diaper together with tension from both sides and the bottom. 

Here is what a Snappi looks like when in use:

I really like using the Snappi diaper fastener... I think it is convenient and safer than a diaper pin. However, it requires extra care to ensure safety. The teeth on the Snappi are sharp and pointy (they need to grip the diaper somehow), and this can hurt a child, or adult, if one isn't careful.

 NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use the Snappi with a Gerber Birdseye Prefold. I made this mistake, unfortunately. The Gerber prefolds are just waaaay too thin, and the teeth go right through the material. Thankfully no harm was done to Annabelle, but I can't imagine it was very comfortable for her either. 

Snappi does have a safety feature for the Snappi when not in use:

But I found that I usually did not do this between uses, only because it takes time and is difficult to undo with a wriggling baby.

Overall, I really think the Snappi is a great diapering tool, as long as precautions are taken to ensure safety. Always check the thickness of the fabric and ensure that the Snappi doesn't go entirely through the fabric.

In order to complete the review I received free product from the company. I received no monetary compensation for this post and my opinions are entirely my own. You may or may not have the same experience as I did with this product. 

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Kristine said...

If you are using a nice fitting diaper cover over a prefold, fitted, or contour diaper-- the snappi isn't REQUIRED. But some parents feel better with using it (just in case). =] Your cover should hold everything in place though.

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