Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

It's been a couple weeks since I have weighed in publicly.. perhaps that is because I am embarrassed?

Ugh. 217 this morning... that is rough. Still down 10lbs from the beginning of the year, but also up 15 from my lowest point this year. I know it will be easier once the weather is nice... but this is so hard!

Why oh why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose!? Why is it I can manage to eat NOTHING at all for long periods of time, but I can't control what goes into my mouth for any substantial amount of time? I swear, I can starve myself just fine...but that doesn't work when you go back to eating like a glutton once you eat. *sigh* 

Anyhow... I think that is all I am going to say about that. My head hangs in shame. :(

So.. on another topic, one I think is fair to address in a weight loss post...

What do you think of childhood obesity? Does it concern you?

I know I was outside sun-up to sun-down when I was a kid... although I thought it was torturous at times, I do look back on it and it is some of the most fun memories I have. I think playing outdoors really helped expand my imagination and it helped keep me healthy.

My children are not outside as much as I would like them to be. We JUST started letting the two oldest play outside by themselves (at age 7, and 6). Do you think that is overprotective? I just didn't feel safe letting them play without supervision- and that meant little time outdoors since I didn't want to drag everyone, including babies outside. Anyhow... we live in a small town (very small, actually) and I think it is pretty safe, but there are roads and roads don't really mix with kids, know what I mean?

Now, none of our children are even remotely close to being overweight. In fact, most of them are on the thin side of average. I think they are all healthy when it comes to weight. However, I think they would easily become overweight if we gave into their wants of junk food and second helpings of not so healthy foods. Our boys are active...very active, but they don't get the hard core play they should on a daily basis (running, jumping, biking, etc) and they watch too much TV and play some video games. Screen time and a lack of good active play can cause a child to hold onto those calories as extra weight...

Do you think our nation's children are becoming too overweight? Do you judge parents who have overweight children, or are overweight themselves?

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Unknown said...

but you are still down from where you started!
and remember- starving yourself just messes up your metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight...

Sometimes I guess I judge my head. thinking "HOW can they let their 6 yr old EAT that much and get that fat? that is so unhealthy for their child." I know a mom with obese kids (yes, not just chubby but HUGE)they eat junk all the time... and there is a strong family history of diabetes. I wonder why she lets her kids get out of control like that and sit around playing the game system.

Megan said...

Don't give up!! Try to make good decisions regarding what you eat and how active you are! It may be a slow process, but you can do it!!

Unknown said...

I don't think you're overprotective. I don't let my 4-year old play outside by herself and we live in a "safe" suburb. ;) Better safe than sorry, right? It was a different world 30 years ago. I do try to get her (and me! and the other kids) out there as much as possible.


Sara said...

Congrats on down 10lbs. It's a constant struggle! A few blogger friends and I are starting to support each other in our strive for healthier lifestyles ... welcome to join!! (

As for playing outside, I completely agree with you! I think it'd be different if you had a fenced in back yard to let a "younger" kid play w/o supervision. I remember when I was a kid (pre-internet in every hope and most gaming systems) we played outside from sun up to sun down. About 10 years ago I was babysitting for two boys, about ages 10 and 6. One was on the computer and one was watching a movie. I asked if they wanted to go outside and play--no all around! It's concerning and something I'll have to watch out for when I start having kids. (Sorry for such a long comment!)

Six in the Nest said...

@kimberly- I can be judgemental too... and I am "obese". But, I would like to think in my mind that I would never, ever, let my my child get overweight. I do think that it is often a lack of active play and parent's giving into too much junk that has caused children to become increasingly overweight. :/

@ Megan- Thank you! I am trying...and I will do my best not to give up. *sigh* I CAN do this! I put the weight on..and I will get it off!

@Carla- yay! At least I'm not the only one. I see other kids on the streets playing outside by themselves... I am just too leery of it, mostly of the cars and of my kids climbing something and breaking something.

@ Sara- no apologies for long comments... it isn't allowed! I L<3VE comments! My video game obsessed son (who happens to be the thinnest as well)will also refuse outdoor time if we let him. It is sad... and makes me pretty grumpy at times. I am amazed at how much peer pressure there is in grade school to play video games! Oy.

The Smiths said...

Jenilee, great job! Keep up the good work towards your weight loss goal. It is a tough road but you can do it. Since being pregnant, I have put on so much weight. This time last year, I was celebrating major weight loss (35 lbs.) and now I have gained it all back. I managed to lose it once so I know I can do it again and so can you! Keep at it.

As for kids playing outside, I live in Lansing, MI, and there is no way I would allow kids play outside without supervision. I don't live in a bad neighborhood, I just don't trust other people.

I do find that I judge parents with overweight or obese kids. I am especially judgmental if the children are overweight or obese and they are young (6 years or younger) because I know it is the parents' food choices for their child(ren) and not providing for enough physical activity in the day.

I am a certified athletic trainer and one of the hot button issues in middle/high school settings is childhood obesity. People don't want to admit that their children are overweight and they don't want to change their habits for their children's health. They don't realize that their child's nutrition in the first 5 years of life affects health and wellness for the rest of their lives and that little changes make a big difference.

My parents only let my siblings and I watch 1 hour of tv per day (which was a challenge finding 1 hour worth of tv that all 5 of us kids could agree on and if we couldn't agree, we didn't get to watch any tv). The rest of the time we had to find something else to entertain ourselves with. If we told Mom or Dad that we were bored, they made us wash walls or cabinets or something like that. Needless to say, we kept pretty busy and never uttered that we were bored.

Susan W. said...

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mel said...

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