Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloud B- Bedtime On Safari Review!

If you are a "seasoned" parent, you may have heard of Cloud B before... but if not Cloud B has some amazing products to help your child sleep.

Cloud B was established by two new mothers with the philosophy that every baby deserves a sound night’s sleep for healthy development. Cloud B’s products are developed in consultation with an advisory board of pediatricians and sleep specialists with a single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for baby. (Cloud B, 2011)

We received the Bedtime on Safari book to review. Bedtime on Safari is a book that can help your little one feel more secure when away from home. This book features Gentle Giraffe and Twilight Turtle, and helps your little one see that familiar friends can help you feel safe in an unfamiliar place (such as the dark, or on vacation). 

One thing I LOVE about this book is its pages. This book has thick pages, that are at least tear resistant, if not tear proof. I was able to let our 4 year old look at this book without fear of its destruction.

The book is about Jimmy, a boy who is on vacation with his parents. Jimmy is scared of the dark and being in a new place... but his familiar friends Gentle Giraffe and Twilight Turtle help him to be comfortable and fall asleep

Our family has owned the Cloud B Twilight Turtle, in fact Nolyn got Twilight Turtle last Christmas. Our Twilight Turtle no longer works, but when it did the kids LOVED it, and we hope to get another one soon. (All these boys can get a little too rough with their toys sometimes).  The Twilight Turtle displays stars on the walls and ceiling of the room that the child is in... it is very peaceful, especially the setting that slowly changes the stars' colors.

Overall, I think Bedtime on Safari is a high quality book that would be a great item to give with a Twilight Turtle or Gentle Giraffe. My children seemed to enjoy the story and they loved that their Twilight Turtle was featured in the book.

Bedtime on Safari can be purchased for $9.95 from Cloud B.

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