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Fluffy Fridays- Mother-Ease One Size Diaper

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers are made in Canada, and first came about when a mother thought that there must be a better way to diaper her children. With the first three children being diapered with traditional flats, pins, and plastic pants Erika was on a mission to do something different. First came the All in One with breathable sides...then, Erika realized there was a need for a better, more absorbent diaper for heavy wetters- then came Sandy's. After a little more brainstorming the idea for the One Size diaper came about too!

I was able to try out the Mother-ease One Size diaper system for this review.

This included the One Size diaper, a snap in absorbent liner, and the Rikki Wrap.

My First thoughts.... this is a BIG diaper!

The One Size diaper is a terry cloth diaper that is meant to grow with your child. Annabelle has been a small baby, and she is only 15lbs right now. She was 12lbs when we first started using this diaper, and I have to say it was just too big.

To adjust the rise on the One Size diaper you fold over the front of the diaper which reveals another set of snaps. You can kind of see how I put it on Annabelle in this photo...

Annabelle was being rather wiggly, so it isn't the best picture, but you can see that the front of the diaper is folded down and the wings are snapped to it.

Now, I see this nice little demo of how this diaper can be three sizes

But I couldn't get it to fit well on Annabelle, even after watching the videos that are available on the site.

Wiggly baby... but BIG gap. 
Well, Mother-ease are supposed to be leak-free cloth diaper systems, so how does that work? Well, put a waterproof wrap on, of course...

The Rikki Wrap that we got was a size medium, and meant for babies 10-20lbs. It is big...but it has to be to fit over the One Size, I suppose.  Here is Annabelle in her Mother-ease One Size and her Mother-ease Rikki Wrap:

Super fluffy bottom!

Okay, how did it hold up, you ask?  Well, all that fluff means a lot of absorbency.  We have had pretty good results with this diaper, and I have used it at night (although not through an entire night). The Rikki Wrap does seem to keep any messes inside, even when there is a large leg gap like in the above picture.

One thing that I really do not like about the Rikki Wrap is that there aren't laundry tabs for the Aplix. If this cover gets mixed in with our other diapers/inserts/wipes then something ends up paying the price. I do give the Aplix some credit though, it is STRONG. It did ruin a couple of our cloth wipes, unfortunately.

The One Size Cloth Diaper comes in many choices of cloth fabrics including several vibrant colors!

Brand: Mother-ease One Size
Price:  $22-$26 with the introductory offer, depending on options. 
Type: Fitted with cover
Fluff Factor: Very Fluffy
Containment: Good
Ease of use: C
Drying Time: B+

In order to complete the review I received free product from the company. I received no monetary compensation for this post and my opinions are entirely my own. You may or may not have the same experience as I did with this product. 

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Mariah @ said...

Thanks for the great review. I am getting the opportunity to review some Mother-Ease products soon. I'm interested to see how they work for us!

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Amy said...

What a cute little outie your Little Bit has!

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