Monday, January 31, 2011

What does your week look like?

So what are my wonderful readers doing this week?

This week I have a bazillion things to post.
I have to work (at my actual job).
And I have a few doctor appointments for my husband and kids.

With having six kids we sure do go to a lot of doctors appointments! The last couple of weeks I spent getting them all into the optometrist (I hope I spelled that right) to get their eyes checked. Now it is more check ups and a couple sick visits this week.

How do you keep your schedule organized? What do you use?

I rely on my phone, but I have found that my phone can be unreliable at times (and easy to mess up times and dates!) but I never remember to physically write appointments down. 

1 fantastic comments:

Unknown said...

We have schooling this week, but gonna go light. mostly Forensic Stuff and maybe some activities.
next week we have lots of running.

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