Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mom.... I need new shoes!

Shoes shoes SHOES! 

Ohhhh my do we have shoes. With 5 little boys running around we have accumulated at least 50 pairs of shoes, if not more! 

We try to save them, pass them down, but it always seems like we can't find the right pair when we need them, they don't fit right, or one shoe is missing!

Well, about a month ago RJ's shoes had to be trashed. I hadn't realized it but the sole had come off and his shoe was now "talking" when he walked. So, into the trash they went. I figured, hey, it's winter, he can wear his gym shoes at school (the kids aren't allowed to wear gym shoes outside to save the gym floor).

Well, fast forward to last husband has to go to the school and he comes home telling me that RJ is wearing his boots all day long!

Well, that isn't acceptable to me, so my husband and I go looking for some shoes. I am a bargain hunter. I HATE paying full price for anything. My husband- he doesn't care, if he wants it it is worth the money to him. Raymond quickly finds several pairs of shoes- all of them over $50 a pair. No, no nononono. So, I look. I find a pair that I like for $35. My husband seems to like them too! Yay! I think....then, my husband shows me that they are glued. Okay, well, now I am thinking "these are crap, I shouldn't pay more that $15 for these" and the $35 price tag is no longer acceptable to me. Well, lets just say we didn't come home with a pair of shoes that day, even after shopping at 6 stores.

Now we've come to today.
Today we take RJ out of school to go shopping for some shoes. We need his feet and we don't want to take all the kids with us when we're only getting one something. Anyhow, RJ insists he wants light up character shoes. We start at Target and we find no shoes that both parties like. Off to Payless, again, no results. Famous Footwear? Okay, there are plenty of styles, but the price!!! Ouch!

I really want to know how a shoe that is half the size of an adult's shoe can cost the same price, or more! It is insane! 

We did manage to find a pair that we all agreed upon. I got my deal, $50 marked down to $35, Raymond got the quality (they were pretty nice, and will hopefully last more than a couple months), and RJ got glow in the dark (not light up, but not totally uncool). It may have taken us nearly 12 hours total to find a darn pair of shoes, but we succeeded! 

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