Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 4!

I have some exciting news since last week! Yay!

So I mentioned that I was getting an exciting product to review... well it arrived and I have started it!

Today is my fifth day on the Las Vegas HCG diet!

Days 1-3 of the diet are really eat all the fatty, greasy, unhealthy food you can while taking 6 drops of HCG  6 times a day. I started on Saturday so I really enjoyed my weekend of eating whatever I wanted.

Day 4-up to 60 (depending on how much weight you want to lose, and how long you can go) you eat a very low calorie diet and take 6 drops of the HCG 6 times a day.

While on the diet you need to drink a LOT of water. Thankfully, I have become very fond of water. I chug down 4-5 16.9 ounce bottles of water a day plus a couple cups of tea.

So far, I LOVE this diet!

You may remember what I weighed last week...but if not, I weighed 227.5lbs.

Here is what I weigh TODAY!

I would say that is 220lbs! (Maybe 220.5, I dunno, lol). Either way, I lost 7 lbs and I am LOVING it!

I can't wait to find out what I weigh tomorrow! If you want to know too, follow my facebook page, I post updates daily!

So how did you do this week? Have you tried anything new?

2 fantastic comments:

Unknown said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I did HCG at the beginning of last year and it worked wonderfully...I lost 30 lbs in 32 days and I have kept all of the weight off for almost a year now. It definitely worked for me!


Six in the Nest said...

Awesome Jen! so glad it worked for you! I am so excited to be doing this... I definitely need to lose the weight, and I am so glad it is working!

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