Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby's Best Friend Review!

Annabelle is a pacifier baby. She started out on NUK pacifiers, then the hospital took hers away and insisted on a soothie, then we switched her again. Now she will take most any pacifier! BUT, it doesn't matter what pacifier she takes if the only pacifier we have comes up missing!

That is one reason why the creator of Baby's Best Friend came up with this amazing product.
When her twins were born in 2003, her son ended up with an infection that landed him in the NICU for 3 months and with nursing care for the year after. Her son had a difficult time getting his pacifier, so when a nurse suggest she attach it to something that is exactly what she did. Both the twins had pacifiers sewn to several soft animals. The result? Baby's Best Friend! The baby can grasp the animal and get the pacifier, and no more missing pacifiers that have been hidden in seats, lost on walks, or that just seem to disappear!

Baby's Best Friend is a great solution to the missing pacifier problem. With a large stuffed monkey attached to the pacifier (or, is it the other way around, lol) this pacifier is MUCH easier to find- for both mom and baby!

Annabelle and her BB!

One of the best features of the Baby's Best Friend is the fact you can remove the pacifier!
These pacifiers can be used:
MAM (which BBF comes with)
Disney Baby Kip
Classic Pooh
Playtex Ortho Pro (when ring is removed)
Luv n' Care Brites
Sesame Beginnings

This is the original pacifier that our BBF came with, super easy to remove, but very secure when "locked in".

The special pacifier clip in was designed by BFF's creator. It is very easy to use.

Now...we use NUK pacifiers primarily. I thought maybe, just maybe, the button NUK's would fit in, but they didn't. However, my husband decided he would make it fit (not recommended, lol). He was able to get the NUK pacifier in, but we can no longer change the pacifier. So, moral of the story, use the suggested pacifiers...

This is the NUK pacifier that ended up in our BBF. 

I love that the Baby's Best Friend can be washed in the washing machine, the pacifier can come out for sterilization and removed when pacifiers are no longer needed. This versatility is really needed for a pacifier lovie!

I had a love/hate relationship with the size of the stuffed animal. While I love that it is larger, easier to find, and will be a toy for longer, it was also rather large for Annabelle at this stage, the BBF is recommended for 4+ months however, and Annabelle isn't even quite 3 months yet. Since she isn't coordinated enough to hold on to it, it sits at an odd angle because it is big, and makes it harder for her to keep the pacifier in her mouth. I found that the angle was okay if she was in her swing or car seat, however.

As for cuteness...Baby's Best Friend gets an A+! 
Baby's Best Friend is so absolutely cute (my pictures really don't do justice)!


Baby's Best Friend also gets an A+ in quality. This toy is VERY well made, which is great because your child can love it long after pacifiers are no longer needed.
The details are great as well, this isn't the best picture, but check out the cute embroidery on the feet!

I highly recommend the BFF. It is as adorable as it is useful and it is something your child is sure to love!

I received the above product free of charge in order to conduct this review. I have not been paid to make this post and all opinions are my own.

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