Monday, January 24, 2011

Filly Princess Review!

Do you have a special little girl in your life?

If have to check out Filly Princess!

These cute little ponies made me feel like a child again! I remember fondly playing with horses and ponies as a child, and also collecting stickers. Filly Princess combines both of these to create a great product for any little girl!


Not only does that special little girl get to collect adorable Filly figurines (and try to get the Filly Princesses with REAL Swarovski Crystal elements!), she also gets to collect and trade fun stickers with her friends!

Here are some Filly Princess products:

Top: Filly Princess Back Pack Set
Left: Filly Princess Collection Set
Right: Filly Princess Mother and Baby Set

Filly Princess also has a collector's tin available with a special GOLDEN Filly Princess! Look at the crystal! So pretty!

The Filly Princess website is filled with fun things for children to do as well, there are several games and fun information about some of the 85 Filly Princess available to collect!

Filly Princess can be found on Facebook, and Twitter too! Keep up to date with the latest information by following!

Filly Princess has been a big hit in Europe, and now Filly Princess will be coming to the U.S. and major stores soon!

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