Thursday, January 27, 2011

Headphonies Review!

Ever been listening to music on your MP3 player or phone and wished you had a way to listen to music other than headphones, ear buds, or your phone's tinny speakers? Well, Headphonies are the answer! 

These cute little figures wear the headphones for you and put out good quality sound for everyone to hear!

On a walk or jog and want to let your kiddo listen to? Headphonies!
Want to share a great song with a friend? Headphonies!
Just plain tired of having ear buds in your ears....that's right, Headphonies!

I received Koko to review

The kids LOVED Koko!

My husband loved the sound Koko produced. We tested the sound from little Koko against my laptops sound, and my husband said he definitely thought Koko sounded better!

Headphonies are pretty simple to use. Charge them up using the in box USB, a red light will appear. Once the red light is green you are good to go!

I also used Koko with my cell phone (see above picture). The sound was good, but the speaker got a lot of feedback/interference (I get hundreds of emails per day, so the interference was there a lot). I didn't have any problems with Headphonies and my laptop, so I am sure it was just a cell phone thing.

There are a LOT of awesome designs for Headphonies, go check them out and see for yourself!

Want to win a Headphonie? Check out Headphonies' Facebook page for more information (ends Jan 28, 2011)!

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