Thursday, October 27, 2011

OUT! Pet care products!

Do you have pets? I do. We are definitely a pet friendly home...although pet's aren't always so friendly to our home. You know what I mean, those wonderful surprises they leave here and there.

Well, we've definitely dealt with our fair share of accidents... thankfully there is OUT! Stain and Odor Remover! The OUT! Stain and Odor Remover is lightly scented. I appreciated that. I can't handle strong chemical scents, which most detergents and stain fighters have, but this was a very light scent. This cleaner is also safe for use around children and pets, and I really like that too. It is nearly impossible to keep both my children and pets away from things while I clean. I like knowing that if I can clean with them both in the home. It gets stains out really well...and not just pet stains! We actually decided to use it to get out a kool-aid stain from white fabric- with great results!

And how about those nice surprises that are left in the yard.... I am talking about doggy doo. NOT my favorite chore. This usually requires me to rake and shovel and it is just plain messy and gross. OUT!'s One Handed Poop Scoop does the job so much easier! The One Handed Poop Scoop is just that... use only one hand to squeeze the handle and open the scoop, then release to scoop it up. VERY helpful if you need the other hand for, say, a leash?  One thing I really like about this is the teeth on the scoop, it really get's in there and gets the poo. Just make sure your children (if you have them) don't try to use it as a snapper toy...those teeth are sharp and pointy!

I also love how this tool folds in half easily for easier storage.  It really is very convenient!

OUT! Also has Pick-Up Bags. So, on those beautiful walks that you take with that special canine, you can be prepared. 

The nice thing about these Pick-Up Bags is that you can easily tie them with the handles. I like to know our little surprise is contained, especially if there isn't a waste receptacle anywhere close!

What are some of your favorite pet products? Do you think any of these would be handy?

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