Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Meet and Greet- Arizona Mama

This week we welcome Nancy from Arizona Mama... check out her blog and read a little more about her below!

Your Name: Nancy aka fancygrlnancy

Where do you blog? Arizona Mama

How did you decide on what to name your blog? I was having a hard time with it.  I asked a few bloggy friends and got some great ideas.  Arizona Mama was suggested by Anna from The Baby Store Plus and I liked it immediately.  Its simple and really identifies that I am in Arizona and I am a mom.

Tell us a little bit about you....
I am a mom to an almost 3 and a half year old boy.  I started my family a little later in my 30's.  My wonderful husband is 8 years older than me and he has a daughter that will be 24 soon.  We are currently TTC our second together.  I work fulltime in a Head Start Program.  Currently I am a curriculum training specialist and I train the teachers and mentor them.  I was a Head Start teacher in the classroom for over 10 years. 

Tell us 5 of your favorite things
1. my son
2. my husband
3. my mom
4. chocolate
5. winning giveaways

5 of your least favorite things
1. smokers
2. liars
3. cheaters
4. peas
5. paying bills

When and why did you start blogging?  I started blogging just under 2 years ago.  I honestly started because I was reading blogs and entering giveaways.  I wanted to get all those great extra entries for having the buttons and blogging.  I also wanted to keep kind of a live journal of my son's life.  I have been really bad about not writing in the baby book so I guess my blog is kind of pieces for the baby book.

What do you blog about?  I blog about my life with my son.  I also do many product reviews and giveaways.

What does your family think of your blog? Do they read it?  Most like the idea.  My mom reads it and even stared entering giveaways.  My husband reads it when its a personal post.  I know my brother in law and my aunt have looked at it, but not sure how much they read it. 

When do you find the time to blog?  I blog in the evenings while I should be sleeping.. lol!  And nap time on the weekends.

What is your favorite blog post ever? I don't know about favorite posts, but recently I started a Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden and I write some of the funny things my son says.. he is so smart and cute.. Here are a couple:

What is your favorite item you ever reviewed? I have reviewed some great items!  two stick out I love for both the product and the great people that work there.. Picture Keeper  and Ova Cue Fertility Monitor

What brand or product would you really like to work with/review? I would LOVE to review The Learning Tower  and I'd also like Vtech and Leap Frog

What are your favorite blogs to read?
I like and read many blogs... Here are a couple:

Where can we find you?

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