Friday, October 28, 2011

EVERYTHING happens for a reason...

So, this week has been rough. No, really. ROUGH. Our van started making noises...if you know us, you know we NEED our van. Well, within about a week the van was, well, dead. Kaput. Something happened to the motor and THAT is an expensive fix. A fix that our vehicle's worth just couldn't justify.

Granted, our van was old... it was a '99. We always buy used vehicles, it just makes more sense for us.... we had our van for 4(ish?) years, so it served us well. 

Since that was our family's only mode of transportation, if we wished to go anywhere together, it had to be replaced. 

On top of my already BUSY 3 days off, I had to also do searches for vehicles now too...not to mention the running around and figuring out childcare while we did this search. Well, now, I want to tell you that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. No joke.

I had stayed up very late a couple nights ago scouring websites for good deals on 12 passenger vans, suburbans, yukons, excursions and the like (ya know, all the huge vehicles). We found a few good deals, but they were hundreds of miles away. 

So, the next day we had to go to a town about an hour away to get some stuff from a big box store. On our way back we noticed we were low on gasoline, but weren't worried and figured we could make it to the next town where gas was cheaper... the gas light wasn't on so we were safe. Well, I had to make a quick costume run in Walgreens to see if they had a skeleton costume. When I came out from my successful shop my husband pointed to the dash... the gas light had come on.

So...we went around the building to pull into the alley and get to the closest gas station. Well, that alley just happened to be butted up against a car lot....and what should we see? A Yukon. A Yukon XL that just happened to be priced exactly in our price range.  Now, we figured it would be too good to be true... it must not have 4 wheel drive (which is mandatory where we live for a vehicle like that), it must have problems. We get out and look...low and behold- it has 4 wheel drive! And it is still in our price range! 

Anyhow, the craziness of the story is that if we had gotten gas before Walgreen's we would have never seen the vehicle, and if the gas light hadn't come on while I was in Walgreen's we wouldn't have gone to the alley, and would have never seen the vehicle. Everything happens for a reason. 

This isn't the first time I have noticed something like this... I have been speeding down the road, only to get behind a super slow driver....then 2 minutes later pass a police officer. I have forgotten something at the house and had to turn around and get it (annoying), only to find that I had just missed a three car pile up. I have noticed so many things that change my course of a day only to result in something else happening (that either saves me, is needed, or is just plain oddly coincidentally related to the other event). 

So, now we have a new vehicle with a payment we can afford... there are a few minor problems that came with the vehicle (and was probably the reason for it's lower price), but they are things that we can fix. First on the to-do list... get a seat to make the vehicle an 8 passenger. ;)

Have you ever noticed an experience like this in your life? I would love to hear about it!

2 fantastic comments:

Amy said...

I have too realized that things happen for a reason. I am so glad to hear that your rough week turned out good!

Venassa said...

Wow funny how things work out sometimes. Glad you found what you needed at a great price.

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