Friday, July 15, 2011

Snapfish Review

I am choosing to share my experiences with my readers by my own choosing. Snapfish has not asked me to do a review, nor have they contacted me about doing a review. 

Snapfish is a photo processing company that offers some great deals. I recently took advantage of those deals. I ordered several poster size prints, many 5x7's and about 150 4x6's. 

My orders were processed fairly quickly, however the standard shipping was quite slow. 

I first received some of my 4x6's and 5x7's. These turned out alright, but they were cropped poorly. Several of the photos were cropped enough to make the picture useless. I quickly contacted customer service and was happy that the customer service rep was able to credit my account for the photos that I needed to re-order as well as shipping. I learned that if I wanted to ensure that my photos were cropped the way I wanted them to be, that I would have to crop each one individually. 

Well, the next day I received two of my posters. One was a nice 11x14 collage, and one was an 11x14 picture. I was extremely disappointed. These two photos were so pixelated (if that is a word) that Gavin's glasses looked like zig-zags around his eyes. They were very poor quality! I reached customer service again, but didn't have as good of experience this time. The customer service rep credited me for the two posters, but did not give me a shipping credit. The C.S. rep told me I would have to contact them again and ask for a refund. This C.S. rep said to use the poster preview to ensure that the poster would look good. I did this, and I found no pixelation in the preview. I have ordered re-prints but haven't received them yet.

Well, yesterday I received my 99 digital 4x5.3's. Since I use a digital camera, the website alerted me that there would be cropping if I chose 4x6 size images, so I went with the digital standard size. I am the MOST disappointed with these photos. Every single photo is terrible quality. My digital images are not poor quality... but all of these photos have terrible pixelation on any edge. Edges of faces are choppy, straight lines look like zig-zags, it is just terrible.  I haven't tried contacting customer service about this batch because frankly, I am just so disappointed. I don't have high hopes for my replacement images either.

So..if you choose Snapfish, be careful. Don't spend much because it probably isn't worth it.

Have you used Snapfish? What was your experience like?

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I can relate! First of all it takes forever to upload all my photos onto their site and it always crashes my computer even though its super fast and has a great internet connection. I've bought from them for years and things have always been fine but a year ago I spend over $100 on my last order of photos with Snapfish. The shipping was super fast but my photos had weird blue/greenish spots all over them. It seemed like they tried to take the red eye out of my photos. Which I have a pen for so I do it myself. I looked at their check out options and there was no option to have them not do that to my photos. My photos were all messed up and super ugly. I was so mad. I contacted customer service and the person said I had to return the photos in order to get my money back! Send back all those 100's of photos?! I don't think so! It just wasn't worth it. I am going to go with a different service next time. It's so disappointing. They used to be so good and now it's such a waste of money.

Six in the Nest said...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience as well! Ugh. I had read about the dots being for red eye removal. I would try contacting them again and asking for credits... or asking them to ship them back at their cost. Their problem, their cost in my opinion.

Unknown said...

That's so disappointing! I have had nothing but awesome experience with snapfish. I order prints every couple months from them and have never had any of these issues!!

Six in the Nest said...

Emily. :/ That is disappointing. I want to love Snapfish, I do...

Have you ever uploaded pictures from your facebook albums? I did that with the 99 digital prints, and they all turned out terrible. I am wondering if I would have a better experience just uploading them from my SD card. Of course, that wouldn't help my other issues, but it would make things a little better.

Unknown said...

I do not upload via facebook - I just upload from my computer!

Anonymous said...

I will never use snapfish again. I have used them for several books and loads of prints over the years, but this year has been horrible. Ordered prints to put in my christmas cards and they will not be here until AFTER Christmas. Ordered a photo book as a gift, paid for one day shipping and site said it would ship out on the 21st at the latest. will not ship until the 23rd (friday) and there is no saturday delivery. I know I waited a little late for the book, but they advertise that you can order until the 19th and have it there by Christmas. i ordered on the 16th, so thought it was no problem. customer service is horrible, and they will hang up on you if you demand a straight answer. so disappointed.

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