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BOBA Baby Carrier Review!

We love babywearing...  it all started when our wonderful little boy,  Nolyn, refused to be put down. I was going crazy when I had to let him cry while I cared for his siblings. I cried out for help on an online mother's forum- the advice I was given.... Sleepy Wrap. I bought one... it was miraculous! I could have both hands free, and my little one was safe, secure, and all snuggled up. I was hooked, and so was my husband.

Well, since that little baby boy has grown up a bit, and his sister has taken over the Sleepy Wrap, we wanted another way to be able to take him with us hands free, especially when going places strollers can't go. The Boba carrier was just what we needed. 

Boba's origins are similar to my story above. The makers of the Sleepy Wrap found that their son loved to be worn in the Sleepy Wrap, but when he grew out of it the soft structured carriers on the market were not supportive enough for them. So, the couple looked into creating a better soft structured carrier... and eventually the Boulder Baby Carrier (AKA, Boba) was born. You can read the whole story here.

Some of the great features that Boba has:

Front or back carrying positions
Carrier is very adjustable
Complete leg support for child, includes foot straps
Sleeping hood
Boba is adjustable for just about anyone, fits most moms and dads!

I am a bigger Momma... so I really appreciate when even I can use a baby carrier. My husband is pretty average in size, so he doesn't have to be concerned about these things, but I do. I love that both the Sleepy Wrap and Boba can to be worn by me!

The Boba has two collections, the classic collection, and the organic collection. The organic has all the same great features of the classic but is made with GOTS and OE100 certified 100% organic cotton and organic Texas cotton lining. 

I received a Boba Tweet, from the classic collection, for review.


This Boba's fabric is my favorite... I love the design! I had entered the Spoonflower design contest to design Boba's next fabric a while back (a year or more ago now, I think). Tweet was the fabric design that won the contest (not my design, Dennis Bennett's). I LOVE this fabric design! 

Want to see the Boba in action?  

Front carry...

Back carry....

Out of the two choices, I much prefer the back carry option. I think Nolyn does, too. I find it more comfortable and easier to adjust when Nolyn (2 years old), is on my back. 

We also used the Boba with Annabelle (9 months old), but I prefer to use the Sleepy Wrap for her.

When using the Boba on my back, I found that it is very comfortable, the shoulder straps are cushioned, and the belt is very supportive. There is no material, or anything, between the child and the person carrying the child, so it makes for a much closer experience.

I think Nolyn loves the Boba for a couple reasons. One, he loves to be carried. Two.... because being carried in the Boba is comfortable for him. Have you ever sat on a stool, or chair, that is too tall for you, you know- when your legs just dangle. If so, you know how uncomfortable that can be... that is about what it is like for children who are carried in a soft structured carrier- except for the Boba. Why is Boba different? First, the seat area is wider than most carriers...this helps to keep the legs in a more natural position. Second, the foot straps. The foot straps help keep the little legs from dangling down and also supports the child to sit in a more  proper position. According to Boba,  "The footstraps not only give little tired legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine." (Boba, features)

The sleeping hood is another great feature. Have you ever noticed children's heads when they sleep sitting up?  Their heads fall over in awkward positions that makes you cringe just looking at them. The sleeping hood helps control that. When your child falls asleep, you simply unroll the hood and snap it to the shoulder snaps. This provides some shade for the child, and keeps the child's head from leaning back or at an awkward angle.

Overall, the features are wonderful. I wish that I could make it more comfortable for me to use as a front carrier as well, but I believe my size hinders using the Boba comfortably with the front carry. Even though I could be more comfy with the front carry, I still love how nice the carrier feels when I use it to carry Nolyn on my back. 

The Boba baby carrier is the best soft structured carrier that I have ever used, and I recommend it to other parents!

At Boba's site you can compare baby carriers, check out the different colors and designs offered, and see more pictures of people using the Boba carrier! 

Boba Baby Carrier
Price: $100 classic, $128 organic
Accommodates children 15-45lbs.

You can find Boba on Facebook, too!

I received the Boba carrier in order to complete this review, I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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