Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shen Bear Review!

You may remember my post about Zylie (and if not, click and read!). Today I want to introduce Zylie's adorable friend, Shen. 

Shen is a panda from China! Zylie meets Shen when she, well...gets into a little predicament. It is all explained in the fun and educational storybooks that come with these adorable bears!

Shen is an 18 inch jointed bear. He comes wearing a leather jacket, green tee-shirt, and khakis. Also in the box is Shen's backpack and drumsticks, and his passport!

What does Shen need drumsticks for?

A Rockstar Panda in Stop Motion from Matt McCarty on Vimeo.

How adorable is that?!  Of course, this little video made my little boy's imagination run wild!

As SOON as we opened Shen's box my 6 year old RJ, took Shen and his book and...

Yes, he sat down to read the book! I swear, this picture was in no way posed...and this is how excited he was!

We have had Shen now for 3 months, although about a  month and a half of that Shen was in isolation. Although Shen had to be put away, RJ never forgot about him...and when Shen could come back and play he hasn't left RJ since!  RJ keeps Shen safe with him at all times!

Overall, I love the imagination Zylie and Shen foster in children. From making their own drum scene (yes my children recreated the scene from the video) to imagining they are in China, my children have chose to use their minds and PLAY!

We did have one minor issue with Shen. His pants just won't stay up. The boys do get a little frustrated, but this is such a minor thing I can't say it would deter me from purchasing Shen! Perhaps the creators of Zylie and Shen could offer some suspenders in the future?

You can purchase Zylie or Shen at www.zyliethebear.com 

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