Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing writers...

This post is kind of random... and yet another way for me to procrastinate on my schoolwork (aka, a paper that is due in less than three hours, which I haven't even started yet).

I enjoy blogs, a lot. I love reading what others write. BUT...there are some writers that I come across that well, just can't write. It is sad, but true. I *hope* I am not one of those bloggers who fall into that category. I personally think I am mediocre at writing, but I do my best to keep it fairly well written and grammatically correct.

I love reading blogs with amazing writers. While doing research for a company I had hoped to review for (I was turned down at this time), I came across a very well written blog. A blog that hadn't been posted in since September of last year, but one that instantly grabbed my attention. The writer's style of writing was easily read, and I could voice it in my head...if that makes sense. 

So, in support of my procrastination, and curiosity,  I would love to have some more wonderful reading material! Please leave a comment with your favorite blog writer...  it can be a review writer, or a family writer, or a random writer (doesn't matter to me). I just ask that the link you leave is NOT your own and it is for a blog that you think is well written! 

I can't wait to read the comments, hope you all will help me out! ;)

6 fantastic comments:

ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said...

I enjoy reading well-written blogs, too. I'm looking forward to the responses you receive.

Unknown said...


Hands down! :)

Six in the Nest said...

OMGosh.... I have to say I looooove hyperbole and a half. Awesomeness! :D I procrastinated enough that I now have to turn in my assignment a day late. :/ For the love of blog please, everyone, go read that blog.

Manager to Mom said...

I recently discovered The Mrs - a fellow Canadian mommy blogger who writes well and has an effortlessly hilarious style. Check her out here:

Also, if you're interested, I just started up "Memorable Monday" - a weekly roundup of, well, memorable blog posts I've read over the previous week. Here's my first installment!

Virginia M. said...

I recently came across a newer blog that is pretty cool!


LadyGen said...

http://www.my-diary.org/read/?read=199464 Not me, but a good friend. There's some hard stuff in there, but her writing really sucks you in.

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