Sunday, March 13, 2011

Giant Microbes Review!

What is cute, cuddly, and probably contagious?

Okay, while these microbes aren't ones you will actually get ill because, they are definitely fun to "catch"!

Have you ever seen a microbe before?

Lets check out Chickenpox: is the cute and cuddly version:

Much better, huh?

I think these little stuffed microbes are perfect for teaching children about the germs that are out in our world...and the importance of hygiene! They make the germs a little less scary, but also let you introduce each one!

We received the "cavity" germ streptococcus mutans:

The nice plush version is son thought so too:

It was fun to teach the kids about this bit of bacteria, and they thought it was fun too!

We also received the bed bug, Nibbles, from the vinyl figurine collection:

These vinyl characters come in pieces, and you put it together. The first Nibbles that we received had an arm that wasn't quite shaped right at the end, so it didn't fit into the body. However, Giant Microbes was quick to replace the figurine and the new figurine went together wonderfully. 

Now, I don't suggest these for the small kids, they have small parts and they come apart so they will inevitably get lost if a little one plays with them. I do think these would be great as a teacher's display for a science class, or for a parent who wants to teach their kids about some of these. They would also be great for that doctor you know, or maybe just a friend who collects interesting things like these!

The vinyl figurines come with the vinyl character, a flip book, and a sticker. 

You can also find Giant Microbes on Facebook!

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