Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boon Squirt Review!

I am delighted to share this amazing product with you today! I received the Boon Squirt in February, and I have been so eager to try it out! Annabelle hasn't really been ready for actual food until recently, however, so I had to wait a bit before I could really test Squirt.

Well, now I have and let me tell you, the Boon Squirt is ingenious! 

Looks like a kinda funky spoon, huh? Well what is amazing about Squirt is that the baby food goes inside the spoon! The spoon actually dispenses the baby food! So, forget that jar, and forget the big mess trying to scrape that last bite out of the bowl.... Squirt makes feeding your little one easy-peasy! 

We have used Squirt with rice cereal. I poured some dry rice cereal in the pink handle, put in formula bit by bit until it was the right consistency, and then screwed on the spoon top. Then, go to baby and feed!

Here is my one handed attempt at taking a picture while feeding Annabelle...

Annabelle isn't a huge fan of baby food yet...and she wiggles like crazy, so it is an interesting experience to feed her. However, at least with the squirt I can put the spoon in her mouth then squeeze a bit out instead of fighting to get a spoon full of food in!

Clean up of the Squirt is pretty easy, everything seems to wash out well. The spoon comes with a cap that can be placed over the spoon piece. The first time I tried to put the cap on my Squirt I had a very difficult time. My husband, however, was able to snap the cap on quickly and then showed me how to get it on more easily.

The Squirt retails for about $7.99 (very fair price!) and can be purchased here.

Not a fan of pink? Don't worry! Squirt come in all of these colors as well!

Boon also has many other AMAZING products, I highly recommend you check them out! In addition to having great products, Boon Inc also gives back. Ten percent of Boon's profits go to charities that directly help children in need!

Boon can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Boon's very own blog!

*I received free product in order to conduct my review. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.*

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DontSayHurry said...

I've been thinking about getting this. Eli is already 2... but she still loves her "Sprout Organic" baby food and makes a mess, this is the only thing I think might help her.
CJR @ The Mommy Blog

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