Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011!

This is something our household has done this every year for the last few years, and it is very important to us. I would love it if you would consider joining in.

What is Earth Hour? 
Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, businesses and governments around the world to take positive actions for the environment, and celebrating their commitment to the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour.
Earth Hour 2011 aims to show the actions that people, businesses and governments world-wide are taking to reduce their environmental impact. Thereby establishing and encouraging others to join an interconnected global community engaged in dialogue and resource sharing that generates real solutions to environmental challenges.
The highlight of Earth Hour 2011 will see the world’s most iconic landmarks go dark for one designated hour, as hundreds of millions of people transcend race, religion, culture, society, generation and geography, switching off their lights in a global celebration of their commitment to protect the one thing that unites us all – the planet.

What do you do? 
It is simple. On March 26th, at 8:30 pm (your local time), turn off your lights, sit down with your family (or friends) and enjoy the peace. My family chooses to go so far as to turn off the breaker box for the full hour, but just turning off all non-essential lights can make a big change too! It is amazing how re-connecting the experience can be... with nothing electronic to grab your attention you focus on those around you, and you're helping the Earth!

Why do it? 
For be a part of something...for any reason really, but hopefully for the Earth! It is a great reminder that simple actions can make a difference! Even if you don't want to "go green" or change your lifestyle completely, simple things such as turning off non-essential lighting CAN help! The little things DO add up!

Catching this post before Earth Hour 2011? Check out how to make this neat paper lantern with your kids!

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Missed it, but coincidentally, the whole family was gone until 10:00 pm and the lights were out. Yay!
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