Monday, December 13, 2010

Zylie the Bear Review!


I had the pleasure of meeting Zylie this weekend, and boy was it FUN! 

Zylie is an adorable 12 year old bear who lives in New York with her Aunt Willa, a world famous journalist, and her little brother Theo. 

She is designed to be dressed and played with like a doll, but she is a much more cuddly companion than any doll could ever be!

Zylie arrived to me quickly, in a rather large box. When I opened the box I saw an adorable face staring back at me, Zylie! She is 18" tall, and her arms, legs and head are all jointed so she can be posed. She is fashionably dressed in an adorable outfit and also comes with an orange tote and a story book. 
Zylie's orange tote has her diary, a map, and her passport in it.

 Super cute, huh?!

Zylie's clothes are all very well made, and very fashionable as well! I wouldn't mind owning Zylie's super cute outfit!


Here Zylie is without her jacket, and then again with her jacket and tote!

The detail in her clothes is astounding, check out her jeans' pocket stitching:

Zylie also currently has 3 extra outfits available:


As you may have noticed in the first picture up there, Zylie also comes with a story book. This book introduces Zylie and takes her readers with her on adventures in New York. One thing, as a parent, that I really liked about the book is that it features educational adventures, and it also has a glossary in the back!

Zylie has won several awards:

Overall, Zylie is an amazing toy that any little one will LOVE! I highly recommend Zylie. If you are looking for a special toy that will last and be enjoyed by a special child for a long time, Zylie is the toy to get! 

I received the above item for review free of charge. I was not paid to post this review and my opinion is my own. :)

4 fantastic comments:

Sarah said...

So cute, I wish I had a girl! Good thing I have an niece, she may be getting this for her birthday in February!

m.c.m. said...

Sarah - we've also got a boy character in the collection...Shen the Panda. He's a rockstar from China, there's a little video of him here:

If you have a boy, it might be a good gift! See more here:

Matt from Zylie the Bear

Six in the Nest said...

Hi Sarah! Yes, they do have a WONDERFUL boy bear! Keep an eye out on the blog, his review will be appearing SOON! :)

Unknown said...

Sooo cute!

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